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By ccv66
I don't really know who has the most accurate, but haven't seen too many complaints about gbfans shops. Worth checking out. KATARRA8 another popular one. I ordered anovos name tags when they were onsale, was happy with them
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By ccv66
I believe they vary in height, slightly above 2". Obviously length is probably 4.5-5ish inches depending on the name. Besides Stantz flight suit, Im not really sure about exact size of the name tags. Usually gbfans shop is a safe bet.

I took another look at my anovos name tags, they are incorrect. I Wouldn't order from them.
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By Nicholszz
Do you have a link to the calgary ghostbusters? I’m familiar with The Alberta ghostbusters, but not the calgary ghostbusters
Gb1 Kattara8
GB2 GBfans
they asked for the best. Katarra's are quite inaccurate. Try not to recommend her too much.
Did she change her GB1 name patches? They used to be pretty good.
I know her new GB logo is modernized.
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By AJ Quick
Does anyone remember the pics of that screen used GB1 flight suit with the measuring tape photographed on the name patch? I lost the links.
Some info here: viewtopic.php?t=40197

But not the tape measure photo.
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By Nicholszz

I gotta be honest, and not trying to be mean or anything, but I really don't like the calgary patches. They're just not that good.
Some people like clean look. Some people like accurate. Just depend on what you like. :)
There are other sellers as well.
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By deadderek
I can vouch for Calgary Ghostbusters GB1 patch. Top notch reproduction!

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