Does anyone have any solid leads on what type of coveralls they are wearing in the Engineering Corps of Ghostbusters Frozen Empire? They appear to be dark or black mechanics type coveralls. Others have called them flightsuits, but they do not match the typical characteristics of previous flightsuit uniforms. If anyone can enhance some images from the trailer for better looks that would be amazing.
There may be some confusion, on one hand some of the shots they look like jackets. On the other, AJ said they're flightsuits (and he more than likely knows some BTS info). Maybe both?
PukieDoug (he worked on the set) said this:

"Was a charcole grey /black boiler suit"
Hard to tell if it’s an actual black flight suit or some other black coverall at the moment. Looks cool with the cog mooglie. I’m glad one is coming with the HasLabs two-in-the-box now.
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Given the collar and the two diagonal zippers, and main zipper pull tab?
ImageImageImage I'm betting on it being a flightsuit.

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hawkbatsquadron wrote: January 15th, 2024, 6:48 pm Given the collar and the two diagonal zippers, and main zipper pull tab?
https://i.imgur.com/lmpfYsP.jpg I'm betting on it being a flightsuit.
Love the badge. lol
hawkbatsquadron wrote: January 15th, 2024, 6:48 pm Given the collar and the two diagonal zippers, and main zipper pull tab?
I'm betting on it being a flightsuit.
You might be right. It might just be my eyes failing (i do need new glasses) but that "diagonal zipper" to me just looks like a regular hoodie unzipped and curled over, a black jacket over a black tshirt. I could be wrong. When I get my Empire magazine tomorrow I'll have a closer look.
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The suit is very similar to the standard GB jumpsuit. It's made from a black rip-stop cotton, has snaps instead of velcro on the waist and wrist tabs, has a few extra pockets & pen loops and has an additional elbow patch in lieu of wearing the elbow pads. It has the same dark grey valve switch instead of the usual hose connector (same as used on the red parka). Here is our version: https://www.magnoliclothiers.com/engine ... -1215.html

hawkbatsquadron wrote: March 11th, 2024, 9:22 pm I plan to run this in Toronto on Saturday. This is the best image I could locate: Green laces for Lucky.ImageI'm hoping my black belt gets here in time, and I need one of those plugged leg hose nipples.
I can't remember who, but someone on Instagram identified Lucky's boots, they're not the standard jump boots. They're a modern safety boot with green laces as standard.

Edit: Rust City Studios on Instagram.

They're Guess Vaney boots
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Have there been any discoveries regarding the new fobs or belt gizmo?

On the fobs I can make out the hardware and rivet, but I can't tell if they are webbing or leather.

Lucky has a PKE and maybe a belt gizmo? I can't tell where the red wires are coming from.

And Pinfield seems to have a calculator with the casing still on?

Any additional reference or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

I see Grooberson has the same 1.5" O Ring hardware, and it seems pretty certainly to be leather. I guess it's safe to assume the new fobs are all leather.

Still looking for any information anyone may have on Pinfield's calculator/belt gizmo, or Lucky's mystery wires.
I'm honestly thinking leather fobs. Black belt did not show up, but did Toronto Comic Con Saturday rocking the Ray Bans, the new PKE holster and radio.
Image I found "Frozen" Ghost Rider, but no Beetlejuice!
EDIT: Better late than never...Image

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New image I haven't seen around yet, marked as a spoiler unless you've seen the TV spots:
This Post Contains Spoilers
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