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By Ghostytheghost
Hi, welcome to my pointless forum topic where I talk about cels I found on Ebay. Some I know, some I have no clue. Sources I know will be listed, while unknown sources are marked with "???".

Mooglie (when he had a tail rather than legs) - Cereal Commercial

Peter Venkman - ???

Peter Venkman - Citizen Ghost

Louis Tully - ???

Ray in a Bunny Suit - Look Homeward, Ray

Animatronic Alien Robot Thing - Take Two

Slimer's steering wheel - ???

Janine and Slimer - Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster (probably)

Winston Zeddemore - ???

Ray being a douche to Egon - ???

This lady who looked like either Sigourney Weaver or Kristen Wiig - ???

Slimer doing the "when it's just right" meme - ???

Slimer rejecting food - The Two Faces of Slimer

Of course, these kind of cels popping up on the site may not be surprising. I just thought this would be a tad bit cool to inspect and identify. Whatcha guys think?
By philmorgan81
The image of Louis Tully is from Busters in Toyland.
Slimer with the wheel is from Camping it up
The image of Slimer and Janine is from Janine's Genie
The Ray and Egon images are from 2 different episodes Ray from Take Two and Egon from Scaring of the Green
The Image of the woman is from Mr Sandman Dream me a Dream
The other Slimer image is from Egon's Ghost
I am still trying to figure out what episode that Winston Image is from. :) :) :)
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By Peter Venkman Jr.
Love that cell of Peter from Citizen Ghost!

Not sure what episdoe the cell of Peter sitting down is from, but I if I had to guess it would be a second season episode where he is seated in his office area.
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