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By pushmipullu
I just started watching real ghostbusters, and I'm liking it so far. I've heard all kids of horror stories about the 3rd-7th seasons, so I kind of wonder if I should even bother watching them. I feel like I should watch them for completion sake, but if the seasons are really that painful to watch maybe I should just ignore them. Thoughts?
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By Kingpin
Definitely! Of the post-Season 2 episodes, I'd happily recommend:

The Boogeyman Is Back - Not as good as the original, but still miles better than anything in Season 6
Halloween II½ - Not as good as the original, but still miles better than anything in Season 6
The Grundel - Extremely dark, could've been in the first two seasons, one of J. Michael Straczynski's best late episodes
Big Trouble With Little Slimer - The return of Walter Peck.
The Copycat
Camping It Up
Transylvanian Homesick Blues
The Joke's on Ray
Flip Side
Standing Room Only - Featuring one of the biggest, and creative ghost designs the series would feature, Mee-Krah.
Short Stuff
Follow That Hearse - Another great, dark episode.
The Brooklyn Triangle
Something's Going Around
If I Were a Witch Man
The Halloween Door

Some folks may disagree with some of the above, and my inclusion of this one on the list:

Elementary My Dear Winston
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By Fritz
I'd undoubtedly have to throw in "Janine, You've Changed", where JMS comes back to make some lemonade out of the ruinous "expert"-mandated changes to Janine. That means it's a bit meta, but for a faction of the fandom it also was major payoff for
six years of Unresolved Sexual Tension between her and Egon
This Post Contains Spoilers
but Your Mileage May Vary on that point.
By philmorgan81
I would recommend checking out the rest of the series. The only episode I would skip is Deja Boo. It is just a clip show of way better episodes from the third season. I personally am not a fan of the episode Very Beast Friends from season 6. That one really doesn't feel like a Ghostbusters Episode to me. The guys are without their gear in this one, but I don't think that is what kills it. A couple of really good episodes for earlier seasons managed to keep things feeling like Ghostbusters even when they didn't have their gear like The Devil to Pay, Dairy Farm, Play them Ragtime Boos, and even the Haunting of Heck House were very enjoyable. Heck House is a strong episode from Season 6. I also enjoy The Slob Episode from season 6 and that one is a sequel to Don't Tease The Slease from Slimer. Not Now Slimer from season 7 is a guilty pleasure for me. Probably because I just love it when the guys get slimed. ;)

Yeah I would say just give seasons 3-7 another look. As long as you are aware that there is going to be a dip in quality it won't feel nearly as jarring as when it originally happened. The quality of episodes is not as strong as it starts, but quite a few episodes are still a lot of fun. You really need to check it out and you might find an episode enjoyable that neither Kingpin, Fritz or Myself have recommended. :) :) :)
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By BRD 527
It was nice when all of (most of) the the episodes were still on netflix I find them all entertaining

My girlfriends son really likes the show too we were lucky to find that our local library has a complete set of the DVDs so we check one out whenever we go :love:

My favorite episode is "Its About Time"

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