For the various Ghostbusters Cartoon series. Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters and more!
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By Ghostytheghost
I've suddenly wanted to remake the Real Ghostbusters theme from the ground up, most likely cuz this was a better idea than editing various tracks together that wouldn't have consistencies. :sigh:

I started with the bassline, which is the Soundtrap instrument Freedom Bass. The notes and its octaves make it sound close. The drums were using the 80s Retro Futuristic Drum Pack from DataDrive, which was assembled in FL Studio based on an accurate MIDI assembled a while back. That "na-na-naa-na-naa-na" instrument is SQ8L's Lead Delay 1 preset (A051). A substitute for the regular "deeh deeh" instrument was that Super Strings (i think) instruments from Soundtrap. The vocals were isolated from as much noiseless sources as possible using PhonicMind.

With that said, here's what is pieced together so far. The audio starts at the 12th second. :whatever: ... o.mp3?dl=0

Anything to suggest that can improve it? Any instruments that could work? Let me know. Thanks in advance! :cool:
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By abritinthebay
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I like it in general - my main criticism would be the trumpet sound is very artificial and somewhat harsh sounding. Sounds almost siren-like, which while _some_ of that is probably intentional in the song, it's... just too much. The "dum dum dum" sound effect is also similarly a little too artificial (and lacking bass imo)

This is nitpicking tho - well done!

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