For the various Ghostbusters Cartoon series. Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters and more!
:walterpeck: Hi Fellow Ghostheads;
For anyone who's a Canadian resident (or you have a VPN *ahem*) you can take advantage of every episode of RGB and Slimer! on CTV's website CTV Throwback: ... ostbusters
Oh, and just for fun don't forget these guys!:

The interesting thing is all of the episodes that you would have seen missing from Netflix or YouTube are all here. It looks like Sony markets all the missing episodes and Slimer! as a new package for streaming. To be clear the episodes with Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters package is:
1) All Slimer! shorts as seen on the TimeLife DVD set
2) 15 minute episodes as seen on the TimeLife DVD set
3) "Russian About", "The Haunting of Heck House", "Spacebusters", "Guess What's Coming to Dinner", "Very Beast Friends", "Ghostworld", "My Left Fang" and the 30 minute version of "Deja Boo"
4) All 4 episodes of the final season

Pretty cool that Canadians will have all episodes streamed, even those gosh darn Slimer! episodes. Please take advantage and enjoy while they are still with us!

Happy viewing! :love:

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