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By zeta otaku
Really need the assistance of the hive mind here. I'm currently building RGB gear by 3d printing them (trap and thrower are done and the PKE was bought off Etsy last year) and I'm working on the lights for the thrower. Besides the big red light on the top of the thrower, did the yellow switch light up often in the show? I know details changed episode to episode but I just can't remember if the switch lit up ever.
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By mrmichaelt
I know for sure it did in the original title sequence. I remember a shot of Peter hitting it and it lit up a brighter yellow than the stock yellow it is usually colored. But in the episodes themselves, I really doubt it just because of them to do that episode to episode back in the 80s would have probably been a pain. But if anything, I would suspect they it might have had it lit up in the early episodes like Ghosts R Us when they did the longer sequence of powering on the equipment, the cyclotron turns on, etc. but after the overseas animators quickly stopped and made it a regular yellow. I'm not a 100% but that's my gut instinct. Or alternatively, maybe it only lights up for a few seconds when it's first switched on. It's not constantly lit like the other lights.
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By zeta otaku
You're absolutely right! It does light up in the intro! That being the case, I may just leave the switch as is... I don't think it'll look good with a transparent yellow switch when the light is off and I honestly can't recall any other instances where it did light up.
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By Kingpin
I was only able to find a couple of episodes based on my recollections, plenty where the red indicator light was lit, but only two so far with the yellow flip switch:

At the 17:34 mark.

-Damn, was that an awesome fight sequence. Beautiful animation.

At the 7:57 mark.
By zeta otaku
beany, thanks for bumping this :D

I gotta say, these packs are AMAZING and I love them. I printed up a second one for a friend of mine. I gotta say, the versatility of the GBFans sound board made configuring these packs a DREAM.

We opted for just making the switch solid instead of light up. It just looks odd when it's powered down.
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