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I just watched my first episode of Deadliest Warrior last night, and it got me thinking that suppose we were to pit the Real Ghostbusters against Filmation's Ghostbusters and compare the equipment, strategies, and enemies encountered of both teams. Since we don't have a sophisticated game engine to simulate 1,000 busts, we could just debate and come to an educated and purely "evidenced-based" conclusion on who's the best 'buster.

Rules: only characters, equipment, and adversaries from the RGB/filmation episodes that aired. References and sources can come from wikis such as Filmations: ... sters_Wiki or RGBs: ... ostbusters. Scoring can take either a qualitative or quantitative approach, just be sure to back it up with what was seen in an episode.

Filmation's Ghostbusters vs. the Real Ghostbusters


Filmation's team: Jake Kong, Eddie Spencer, and Tracy the Gorilla
Filmation's equipment: the Dematerializer, the Spectre Snare, the Ecto-Strobe, the Ghostbuggy
Filmation's adversaries: Prime Evil


RGB team: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore
RGB equipment: the Proton Pack, the Ghost Trap, the PKE meter, the Ecto-1
RGB adversaries Sam Hain

Let's start off with something easy:

Ecto-Strobe vs. the PKE Meter


[No image]

Ecto-Strobe: A device that, when flashed intermittently, could detect recent ghost and supernatural activity. It could also be used to temporarily stun or blind ghosts. Often made cases a bit too easy. The Ecto-Strobe reveals the ecto residue of a ghost.

PKE Meter


The P.K.E. meter functioned just like in the movie, and was used all the time to track down ghosts, demons, and supernatural events. One bad side effect to it was it could explode if exposed to a very big supernatural event. In "Ghosts R Us" the PKE meter can tell how intelligent a ghost is.
while essentially they are both used for tracking ghosts, the ecto-strobe can also be used as a weapon, while the pke meter is limited to tracking and detecting psychokenetic energy......

i would give the edge to the ecto doubles as a weapon!
There really isn't any debate, the RGBs were more successfull at capturing the ghosts they went after, they got paid for it, they were regarded as heroes by all of New York... and "even had their own TV show". :) The RGBs are the Ghostbusters of the year.
I keep thinking how sad it is that the one guy who really loved the Filmation GB's, Peter Kong, isn't around anymore. He even based his fanfiction character off of the series, being the son of Jake Kong Jr. and grandson of Jake Kong Sr.
RBG are better the FGB reason is FGB dident bust there ghost they sent them away for day or something it really just time out for ghost RGB actully got the job done
I grew up with the RGB and always loved it a lot. I watched the cartoon a lot and had a decent amount of the toys.
I still have my original Firehouse HQ, Ecto-1, Highway Haunter, and a few of the ghosts and gadgets!
The only original series 1 figure I had was Ray, I lost the pack soon and our dog chew his hand and foot off. I did hold onto the figure for a long time until I eventually found a replacement 15 years later. I really liked the figure a lot! I remember looking at the poster catalogs and what's really weird is that I remember daydreaming about having all 4 RGB figures mosc hanging on the wall, all complete with the proton packs and ghosts. I never kept toys in their package and it was the 80's when I was a kid so this was weird lol. To this day I never bought them MOSC but it's still a small dream I have even tho I'm pretty much a loose collector. I never had a proton pack either and I always wished I had one, that was soooo cool! One of my friends had the full Kenner gear including a jumpsuit! I barely remember watching FGB, I somehow didn't like it that much at all when I was a kid. But then again, I didn't like the 3rd season of Transformers either! lol

A few of my friends had FGB toys. I gotta say I really loved the Ghost Command haunted house and the Ghost Buggy, they looked really neat, but my friends where complaining how fragile they where. Still cool tho. Fragile yes. It breaks when you look at it, I collect the line now because of that nostalgia factor when I was playing with the FGB toys at my friends house and it's a small line to collect. The toys themselves are detailed for the time and a lot of fun! I finally started to collect it when I was incredibly lucky to be able to buy the Ghost Command in brand new condition. I still haven't applied the labels yet since I want to scan them fist and maybe just hold onto them so I can make repro labels from them to apply on my GC. I am only missing the scare scooter, and might sell the Bone Troller again for the time being because it is big. I couldn't part with the GC tho, too many good memories and too difficult to find one :/

I drifted a bit off topic, time to go back on topic!

I'm not sure if you can really compare the FGB to the RGB.
RGB has comedy elements, especially sarcasm but it is really action packed with a lot of seriousness to it. I can still watch it and enjoy it to this very day.
FGB is meant to be a slapstick or bad comedy show like the old live action series. They mess up... a lot!
I did watch some FGB episodes again, but it is difficult to sit through for me. Especially when the few minutes long transformation chamber sequence show up. It does have it's moments though.
There are only 3 things they have in common;
- The name Ghostbusters,
- they both use equipment against ghosts,
- they both have a ghost living with them.

The RGB are REAL Ghostbusters, who really bust ghosts, that's no contest. They live together with just one ghost; Slimer. Since we all know that since this the RGB part of the forum, I'll go into more details from the FGB since I know a little about the FGB and I collect the toys as well. I'm by no means an expert so I could be definably wrong on a few points.

The Filmation Ghostbusters is really something different, they live in a haunted ghost house; Ghost Command which is invested by spooks, specters and ghosts. The Ansa-Bone (talking skull phone) gives them a heads up when to move and the Skelevision tells them most of the time what's going on in the present, past of future. They use possessed stuff like the Shock Clock and Skelescope as well. They even change clothes by stepping in a haunted Skelevator which takes them into the transformation chamber which seems to be in a ghost dimension.
Their main ride is an old haunted car, the Ghost Buggy aka G.B.

Their main adversary is Prime Evil who is technically not a true ghost, but more like a wizard android.
His pet, Bat-A-Rat is some kind of mutated flying rat. also one of the "ghosts" Scared Stiff is a robotic skeleton.
So basically they try to fight fight robots and androids that control ghosts (kinda like Ganon from The Legend of Zelda cartoon controls all the monsters and skeletons) and the GB can travel through time as well with G.B. They also have a Ghostbuster coming from the future called Futura. She time travels using the Time Hopper.
The FGB are time travelers themselves as well.

The equipment they use also involve magic. They all wear magic Ghost Packs. Tracy the Gorilla wears a magic Ghost Backpack which actually contains the portable Transformation Chamber which Jake & Eddie need to gear up in their suits.

Let's say the RGB would fight against the FGB. All the RGB need to do is bust all the ghosts in Ghost Command and then Jake & Eddie pretty much aren't able to transform into their suits anymore. Ghost Command is where their true strength comes from imo.

Correct me if I'm wrong! It's been awhile since I watched some FGB.
Well I am super late to this topic by 11 years, but I would love to way in on this topic. The short answer for me is RGB are the Ghostbusters of the year, hell I'd say they will continue to earn that title every year. Hell the fact that The Real Ghostbusters lasted 140 episodes against Filmations 64 episodes is a testament to their superiority LOL!

As a kid I was just as confused about the 2 different shows that co existed at the same time. Ironing out the details of the rights to the name over the years and finding out the reason there were 2 different shows was very interesting. I will always love and prefer Ivan Reitman's film, but Columbia really screwed Filmation over in regards to the use of the Ghostbusters name.

That is not to say that I didn't get some enjoyment from the Filmation's Ghostbusters because I did. I got enjoyment from many of the filmation cartoons, like He Man, SheRa, and Brave Star. Again I would be watching the Filmation's Ghostbusters and I would sit there and wonder how much easier it would be to deal with the ghosts in this show if the people just called The Real Ghostbusters LOL!

As a kid I did want the 2 different Ghostbusters teams to meet. Yeah it is a shame that a potential crossover of the two Ghostbusters would be impossible for many reasons, but the number 1 would be the bad blood between Filmation and Columbia Pictures. I know that most of the Filmation IPs are in the hands of Dreamworks, but I doubt that they could or would touch the Filmations Ghostbusters property. They did put out some re released best of the Filmation Ghostbuster Series on DVD in 2016 to coincide with the release of ATC. I like to think that those DVDs released caused just as much confusion for a new generation of children expecting to see the ATC crew and be disappointed when those characters were nowhere to be seen LOL! ;)

If the IDW comics get picked up again post GB Afterlife I still think a Filmation and RGB or Filmation and Prime GB crossover would fun. I think it would work out best of it was done through a comic book. The IDW crew had thrown in a couple of Filmation's Ghostbusters Easter Eggs so the show even though it isn't as popular as Columbia's Ghostbusters the show is not lost to the talent behind the current comic's run. Again I think I am really the only one even remotely interested in seeing this and their are too many variables keeping this from happening. I have watched enough of the Filmation show to get a sense of how the 2 teams could meet. Not too complicated, since multiverses seem to be the big go to of comic storytelling, to a point where many are probably burnt out on the concept.

I think of the opening of Filmation's Ghostbusters where their main antagonist Prime Evil is floating in the depths of space on his Bone Troller, as he plays with the tunes on his Bone Troller it takes him to other dimensions until he finally hits the cord that brings him as he puts it to, "A world of Mortals." His Bone Troller just like the Ghostbusters Ghost Buggy can also travel through time. Using either of those as some kind of plot device could send the characters of the Filmation World into The Prime Ghostbusters world or The RGB world. The main reason I always wanted to see this is because I want to see if Prime Evil could shake off the blast of a Proton Stream just as easy as he could shake away the blast of a Dematerializer. Or if the Proton Streams are the key to finally stopping him LOL!

Anyway it will never happen, but I just wanted to add my opinion to this older topic. If anyone made through my post thank you for reading. :):):)
@Phil Morgan

I think Prime Evil would come to enjoy haunting the world of RGB! The first thing he'd do is send out his Usual Gang Of Idiots to be put into the Containment Unit. Freed from them, he could pull out all the stops and keep upping his game.

Never mind a crossover, though--I want Ghost Corps and Dreamworks to do a FGB movie.

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