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By Photon Guy
In the Real Ghostbusters episode "The Cabinet of Calamari" Peter is wearing a proton pack when he visits Vanna in her room and he's still got the proton pack when he steps inside the Cabinet of Mystery that she opens for him to enter. However, in the next scene where you see Peter he is walking through this dark passageway in this other dimension and he doesn't have a proton pack. So what happened to Peter's proton pack?
By philmorgan81
I used to ask the same question when I was a kid. The way I figured it was that Peter was transported into another dimension within the cabinet. We don't know the extent of how many dimensions that cabinet had access to. I assumed that every door in the hallway was another dimension. Since the cabinet is a gateway we can probably assume that Peter lost it when he was being transported. We don't know how rough the trip was from his perspective. We only saw her close the door, the cabinet glowing and an outline of Peter's skeleton, but it was probably a harder journey from his POV. You notice that he didn't just lose the proton pack, but also his utility belt ,walkie talkie and elbow pads. He could have lost it in the trip or the cabinet could be an entity itself that wanted to remove Peter's only means of defense and communication. Or course that really doesn't explain why his elbow pads were missing. Unless again the journey to the other dimension as so extreme he lost all his stuff.

Of course the animators could have just decided it was easier on them to just draw Peter with just his uniform for a majority of the episode. :) :) :)

These are my theories I hope this helps. :) :) :)

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