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I was looking around the (Slimer! and) the Real Ghostbusters episode guide and noticed that season 7 only had 4 episodes, which made no sense to me. I knew why season 2 had 65 episodes (syndication) and why season 4 had 8 episodes (Slimer's spinoff)

I would presume it was cancelled, but all the sources I looked on said that the show "ended" on October 5th, 1991, not specifically cancelled, and there's barely any information about season 7 anyways, so, if you know, how did the Real Ghostbusters get cancelled?
The season may've originally planned to be longer, but the drop in ratings resulted in the show's cancellation before the remaining episodes for the seventh season were animated/completed.

Or alternately, the four were commissioned as a low-key commitment, kinda like how Timeless was cancelled before it was finished, and then given a brief lifeline with the two-part Christmas special that wrapped up the plotlines as best as it could? It's possible the four episodes were a test to see if the show could return to its more successful roots... But the plan didn't pan out.
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I was always curious, too.

-If after Sony bought Columbia and started assessing their properties, they looked at the box office performance of Ghostbusters II and made a decision.

-Or what was the situation with Kenner. Did Sony end the contract or did Kenner pull out, I think they stopped releasing toys in late 1990? So without that funding arm, the show was essentially dead without a toy company.

-Did ABC kill it because ratings sucked after they moved it to a new slot for season 7?

-Back then, shows just got too expensive to make the longer it's on TV and by then you see the quality drop of the animation as they've had to go to other studios for overseas animation. And JMS's return was too little too late.

-Or maybe, it was a little of all 4.
Based on the behind the scenes info we have I think it was a miracle we got a show as good as it was for those first 2 seasons.

Once Lorenzo Music and Straczynski left the show just wasn't the same.

Even now, there's a weird... almost disownment of Real Ghostbusters compared to the movie nostalgia - despite it being a very popular show in it's own right in the early 90's. I wonder if that is because the creative direction of the show/IP was seen as outsourced and therefore it's popularity almost competed with the direction of the movie franchise rather than being supplemental? The show fleshed out the characters and lore in a way that is the most satisfying out of any incarnation of Ghostbusters imo.

If they were to make an on-going Ghostbusters movie franchise or TV series: Real Ghostbusters is the blueprint.
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I am guessing that despite JMS coming back to write for seasons five and six, the ratings did not pick up like ABC/ Colombia Pictures had hoped they would. As a result of this, the producers of The Real Ghostbusters decided to make season 7 shorter. Plus, the toy line from Kenner was already lagging in sales compared to Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 1991 was the last year that any new Real Ghostbusters toys were sold( The Ecto Glow action figures) and a number of items that Kenner had in pre-production were not produced.

Also I would not be surprised if the budget DIC was giving the show caused the last season to be so short, since they had changed animation studios in season six and occasionally had to reuse scenes from earlier seasons to complete episodes on budget.

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