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By kind2311
This is a really great thread Spidey, your mom did a fantastic job. The stitching she did looks much neater than on mine which I PAID a local leather shop to do. Check the pics on my profile to see what I mean.

I have found a great, cheap source for a more screen-accurate zipper if anyone else wants to have this done or try to do it themselves. Most leather shops will carry this type of zipper, but if you cant find any nearby, try http://www.zippersource.com/

For the most accurate zipper to GB1, order as follows:

Type: Cut To Length Zippers
Material: Aluminum
Gauge: #10 Extra Heavy Weight
Zipper Style: Closed End
Zipper Length: 9 1/2 inches
Tape Material Color: Black (will not affect the bare metal finish on the zipper teeth)
Slider Type: Autolock
Quantity: 2

For GB2 accurate zippers, order everything as you would for GB1 but instead of aluminum, choose either brass or antique brass depending on how used/weathered you want your boots to look.

The most accurate and currently available boot to use with this method is Corcoran's #1500 Jump Boot.

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