Have a guide or tutorial? Post it up!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the purpose of using an oil when drilling metal is not as much for lubricating as it is for cooling the drill bit and the metal.

"If you see smoke you're going too fast!"
RIGHT ON! Finally done drilling the holes, just gotta finish the riveting and i'll be ready to move onto the next step.

The problem was that i wasn't using lube, i purchased some, and the bit chewed right through the aluminum.

Thank you to everyone.
Dan AKA,

Brilliant tutorial.

I'm finally getting to this stage in my build. It all started over two years ago. This would have been a lot easier with a fiberglass shell. My styrene and expanding foam pack is working but there's a little less room inside. That photo you have of the brackets and the inside of your F/G shell make me jealous.

And at this point it would have been so much cheaper to get one from Exoray too! Oh well.

Maybe I'll build a time machine next.

Hi Guys. all i need is to attach the shell to the mobo.. i bought a MMM mounting kit... i just don't know how to clamp those things (L brackets) to the mobo!!!!... do you need a special tool?


Please S.O.S.


OK guys, this is great. I'm getting the feel of the basics for this project now. Looks like fun, just add the $$. :!:
Fiberglass shell seems the best option right now. Still lost on some of the finer details, but I'll just read more later!
WebChief wrote:Thanks for this great info. Just installed the MMM brackets with the large rivets and just for good measure added some JB Weld for added strength.
JB weld?
That's like adding sugar to honey :3
kind2311 wrote:yeah its a bit overkill. those rivets are strong as shit.
Structurally speaking, shit isn't very strong.
WebChief wrote:Actually, FYI the rivets weren't holding it all that solid...there was a slight wiggle. Now with the JB Weld, not at all.
That's because the rivet used might be too long. The correct size rivet will pop in 2 pulls and hold tightly.
They did pop in 2 pulls, I used the rivets MMM sells. They simply weren't pushed as tightly to the board as they should have been when I was snapping them. I had to give them a tap with a hammer afterwards to push them all the way down. Once that was done, they weren't very tight so I used the JB Weld.
you shouldnt have to push tight to install them, after you start to pull on the tool, they should tighten right up against the board, as they are designed to do.

were your holes in the bracket and board misaligned? perhaps like CPU64 said, they were too long, had too much of a grip range or something.
The bolts I got w my mounting kit seemed to be a bit too long...they didn't have threads on the upper portion, so the bolt stuck out about a half inch on each mount. So I went to lowes and got some 3/4" Allen bolts and now it's nice and flush... I'm using the longer bolts that came w the mounting kit on my bumper, so that worked out fine!
How do you calculate the correct rivet length?

I'm in the UK so please excuse the metric measurements but...

I will be mounting my 6mm thick Aluminium Angle to a 3mm thick Aluminium Motherboard. (total thickness of 9mm)

The wide flange rivets I have available to me are 13 mm or 19mm.

Is there some sort of engineering rule that tells you how long the rivet needs to be?

I could just drop down to a thinner Angle (like 3mm) but since I'm drilling and tapping the angle I wanted to have as much material with a thread in it as possible!
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