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My Magnetic Modification: attaching the Leg Hose Connector with neodymium magnets!!

Nothing real amazing about this next pic... until you realize there's no stitches holding it on.


A $3.98 package of 1/4-inch super magnets from Home Depot, some 'Dremmeling', some Gorilla Glue, some setting time, and a 40-cent Zinc washer...


...the diameter of which is the same as the base of the Connector...


...and should I get to do it again, I've got the 1.5' disc neodymiums that came in too late...

MadKidJedi wrote:My Magnetic Modification
Very impressive! Is the connector staying put on your uniform or does it shift around?
GohstTarp wrote:Nicely done, MadKidJedi. I like this quite a bit. If my leg hose connector ever comes un-sewn, I'm going to give this a shot with some thread tied around the holes to simulate the sewn-on look. Thanks for sharing.
A GREAT idea (about adding the stitches)... I may have to do that as well...
bishopdonmiguel wrote:
MadKidJedi wrote:My Magnetic Modification
Very impressive! Is the connector staying put on your uniform or does it shift around?
I marched the entirety of a local 4th of July parade, and plenty of before and after in the outfit and it NEVER moved a bit. The fabric seems to have enough texture (and there's enough magnetic force, as well) to keep the smooth surfaces of the connector and the washer from sliding at all. It's perfect.
I finally had the opportunity to figure a cheap method for attaching the other end hose to my belt.

Not screen accurate, but this KeyBak accessory is an inexpensive substitute for a belt fob... about $4. I bought (3).


I picked up a 3/8-inch nylon spacer from Ace ($0.45) and drilled a 3/16-inch hole through the side. I then placed the spacer in the hose and melted a hole through each side using a soldering iron. After cutting off the metal clip using diagonal pliers (the metal is very soft), I threaded a round keyring left over from the KeyBak fob through the hose and then connected to the fob by threading through the leather gap previously occupied by the metal clip.

Ready to suit up.

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By iam8114
MadKidJedi wrote: I marched the entirety of a local 4th of July parade, and plenty of before and after in the outfit and it NEVER moved a bit. The fabric seems to have enough texture (and there's enough magnetic force, as well) to keep the smooth surfaces of the connector and the washer from sliding at all. It's perfect.
I use a extremely similar setup for my xwing pilot costume to keep the chestbox hose attached to the flightsuit. In the five-ish years I've had the costume, its never moved or came detached.

Mine is more or less setup in reverse of yours. I have a washer glued into the hose connector with the magnets attached to a larger washer inside the flight suit. But with the difference in attachments between the different costumes, not sure if that system would work without undermining the integrity of the gb attachment...

IDK. Food for thought.
By Peterson
I like MadKidJedi's setup because, if something DOES knock it loose, you only risk losing the cheap washer vs the somewhat less-cheap magnets. 'Course if you tuck the legs of your flightsuit into your boots you shouldn't lose anything anyway, but...
So let me start by openly admitting that I am in the minority that really doesn't like the leg hose. I think the uniform is much better without them. (Let the stoning begin). With that said, I wasn't going to do the leg hose on my uniform but then my wife (who couldn't care less) says to me "but then you would be movie accurate" with a laugh. Dammit she's right. So I wanted a less than permanent (i.e. not sewing) method of attaching the leg hose in the event that I hate it like I suspect I'm going to. Then I saw this thread and thought to myself, yessir that's the answer.

So tonight I incorporated both magnet connections described before to my GBFans leg hose connector. Turned out pretty well. Both pretty strong connections, especially the larger one that will attached through the flight suit. I still have to add the for visual purposes only stitching to the connector to make it appear like its sewn on.



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Nice job you did there! Using both approaches in one means more magnets... Nice! :)
Staadt1 wrote:I may use this magnet idea on my GB fans hose and connector. But where did you guys get your disc and barrel magnets?
The ones pictured in the build came from Home Depot. They are in the fastener isle. If they don't carry sizes that will work for your setup, Amazon also carries a good variety.
Fantastic thread with some brilliant ideas and solutions. Thanks to everyone for sharing these tips :)
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GohstTarp wrote:MagSafe Leg Hose Connector (Crix/GBFans Shop Variation)

The magnets arrived today and my Internets went down, so it was the perfect time to get started.

The first thing I needed to do was remove that pin/stem...

A hack saw later...

Now it was time to test the super glue gel against the pin/stem. I was happy to find that there were no issues, so I moved on.

Next, I used a 1/2" forstner bit to SLOWLY grind down the pin/stem all the way down to where it attaches to the connector. After that, I switched to a 5/8" forstner bit and made the hose connector hole about 1/2" deeper. Finally, I created a 1/8" deep counter-sink for the magnet disk to fit in, again using the 1/2" forstner bit. Here is the result...


After that, I placed a little super glue in the counter-sink and pushed the magnet in with a wooden dowel. It turned out pretty nice...

Then I followed bishopdonmiguel's instructions above to insert the barrel magnet into the leg hose. Here is what I ended up with...

And of course, the final result...

... a beautiful and clean MagSafe Leg Hose Connector. I just can't get enough of that awesome "CLICK!"

Thank you, bishopdonmiguel for sharing this idea with the community. I hope this helps those that want to try converting their Crix/GBFans shop Leg Hose Connector!
Thanks for posting this, exactly what I was looking for [emoji317] [emoji4] [emoji106]
My pleasure and thank you for your comment. Always fun to hear when someone finds this thread and adds the magic of magnets to their gear :)
I have to say this is one of the great go-to thread tutorials. I am about to make a second suit for when I go to away conventions (like megacon tampabay in October or hopefully dragoncon next year) or if there is a wardrobe malfunction like a broken main zipper. After adding the magsafe mod to my first suit, I don't know how I lived without it. Thanks again.
"One of the great go-to thread tutorials" is perhaps the nicest compliment I can imagine on this forum. Thanks man! Of course, others have improved upon the original idea with the Crix retrofit and the universal uniform snap-on mount. Sharing of ideas is why I enjoy this place so much.
By Barker611
bishopdonmiguel wrote:The leg hose connection consists of a small section of nylon barb and a barrel magnet. Drill out the center of the barb with a 1/4-inch bit using pliers to hold the nylon barb securely. Test the fit by partially inserting the magnet into the barb and remove (only drill as necessary until the magnet can be inserted with some effort, it should not slide in easily). Select a point on the nylon leaving 3-4 barbs and cut off using a sharp razor. Take care not to cut yourself or damage the work surface. The nylon is very tough but should cut with firm pressure and a rocking motion. Clean up the cut end with fine grit sandpaper until the end is flat & smooth.


The barrel magnet will fit inside the larger cut end of the nylon barb with the smaller uncut narrow end fitting inside the leg hose. Before inserting the barrel magnet, align the pole so that the barrel magnet repels the side of disc magnet located at the bottom of the “leg hose connector” (from the outside). This will ensure the magnet is attracted to the side of the disc located within the “leg hose connector” tube. Noting the appropriate pole orientation, place the barrel magnet upright on a piece of aluminum foil. Apply a small amount of superglue to the inside of the large end of the nylon barb and slide over the barrel magnet, pressing down firmly until the end of the magnet sits flush with the nylon barb. Use nitrile gloves or other protective material to ensure the glue does not splash on your fingers or the work space while the barrel magnet plunges into place. Set aside and let dry.


What is the size of the barrel magnet for the nylon barb?
I used 1/4 x 1/4 inch but longer would work too.

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