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So, I got the Ninjatunes electronics package for the proton pack, which includes a connector that fires off when you overheat the pack to trigger a smoke kit in the N-filter. Hooking up to that is trivial. What I want to do is that, but I also want to use a remote trigger to fire off smoke on demand (using something like https://amzn.to/3bdmQQ2). I'm just hoping someone can check me on my wiring plans here. Here's the schematic:

D3 exists to cut the fan out of the circuit when using the remote control. (So, imagine when it overheats, it smokes and actively vents through the N Filter. When you use the remote, it just casually leaks smoke out.)

I assume I probably need a buck converter or linear voltage regulator on the vape coil to cut it down to like 4-5V too, yeah?
The diagram looks good to me and yes, you'd want to reduce the voltage to the coil. 12V might fry it or be a fire hazard. There are also smaller wireless switches that would do the trick. The one in the AMZN link looks pretty big. Something like this would work: https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Control ... B082WXR37T Also, make sure you have a diode that can hold up to high current. I had one fail in my ghost trap and had to upgrade to one that was rated for higher amps.
Good thought. I could add a fuse in there just in case. Honestly, the only reason I went with the bigger receiver was just because of reviews. Good ol' Ohm's Law tells me that I need room for at least 6 amps (plus a little for the fan and pump). That switch is rated for 10, so I'm lucky so far on that.
So, I'm back on this and reworking my wiring plans. On one hand, I'm gonna make it a bit simpler (I think). On the other, I want to talk power. For any of you that have DIY'd a kit, or used one of the prebuilts, what are you doing about power for the vape? The 12V Talentcell battery only delivers 3A at 12V, which isn't gonna be enough to heat up the coil. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to run a 2nd battery, probably a 18650, to get the current needed for good coil operation. This isn't the biggest issue, I'm just trying to not immediately jump into adding a second battery in the pack that I need to deal with and charge.

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