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So, I got the Ninjatunes electronics package for the proton pack, which includes a connector that fires off when you overheat the pack to trigger a smoke kit in the N-filter. Hooking up to that is trivial. What I want to do is that, but I also want to use a remote trigger to fire off smoke on demand (using something like https://amzn.to/3bdmQQ2). I'm just hoping someone can check me on my wiring plans here. Here's the schematic:

D3 exists to cut the fan out of the circuit when using the remote control. (So, imagine when it overheats, it smokes and actively vents through the N Filter. When you use the remote, it just casually leaks smoke out.)

I assume I probably need a buck converter or linear voltage regulator on the vape coil to cut it down to like 4-5V too, yeah?
The diagram looks good to me and yes, you'd want to reduce the voltage to the coil. 12V might fry it or be a fire hazard. There are also smaller wireless switches that would do the trick. The one in the AMZN link looks pretty big. Something like this would work: https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Control ... B082WXR37T Also, make sure you have a diode that can hold up to high current. I had one fail in my ghost trap and had to upgrade to one that was rated for higher amps.
Good thought. I could add a fuse in there just in case. Honestly, the only reason I went with the bigger receiver was just because of reviews. Good ol' Ohm's Law tells me that I need room for at least 6 amps (plus a little for the fan and pump). That switch is rated for 10, so I'm lucky so far on that.

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