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By venkman69
Finally got all the bits I needed to make my charging plate! Taken for ever! Lol. Ordered a bit spare so made a few others, which I'll be selling at some point.

2 have switchcraft sockets in, the others don't. Really pleased with how they came out!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
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By venkman69
Started work on Spongfaces bezel kit tonight. Decals went on good, so letting them dry before a trim. Having to chop a fair amount out of the thrower. Little nervous about that as it's so close to finished. We will see how that goes.

Also tried a few of Macks Pack dry rub transfers out tonight... oh my good god!!!! That is one hell of a product that guy has right there. It is obscenely good! One of THE best things I've purchased for the pack. So glad I went and did that. Massive heads up to Indy Taz for the... well... heads up on these. Soooooo friggin sweet and super easy to put on. Tape label, stick and then use a pencil rubber. Bosh!!! Love it.ImageImage
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