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By venkman69
Finally got all the bits I needed to make my charging plate! Taken for ever! Lol. Ordered a bit spare so made a few others, which I'll be selling at some point.

2 have switchcraft sockets in, the others don't. Really pleased with how they came out!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
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By venkman69
Started work on Spongfaces bezel kit tonight. Decals went on good, so letting them dry before a trim. Having to chop a fair amount out of the thrower. Little nervous about that as it's so close to finished. We will see how that goes.

Also tried a few of Macks Pack dry rub transfers out tonight... oh my good god!!!! That is one hell of a product that guy has right there. It is obscenely good! One of THE best things I've purchased for the pack. So glad I went and did that. Massive heads up to Indy Taz for the... well... heads up on these. Soooooo friggin sweet and super easy to put on. Tape label, stick and then use a pencil rubber. Bosh!!! Love it.ImageImage
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By venkman69
Damn this thrower is a real pain! So fiddly!!!


Anywho, the quest goes on. I've spent a bit of time of late trying to get the thrower to how I'd like, but it's a real case of patience here. Every time I tried rushing something, I'd put myself 2 steps back. I've had to strip it and respray it a couple of time as when I put the bezzal in, i made too bigger hole.

I filled it and stripped, and resprayed. The only way in the end, but happy with the result. The water slide came out a bit grubby, not sure what I did wrong, but it goes with the feel I'm after, so I'm fine with that.

Finished the charging plate and mounted it to the MB and frame. Really chuffed with how this came out and just adds that little final touch in my mind. I sent all the wires up the back of the alice frame so you don't see it and cable tied it down.

My biggest gripe in this whole build, is the extortionate rates of postage throughout the world. I know having mates all over the world who do this and similar, have to pay above average, but this is a real killer! So welcome to the world's most expensive hat lights in the world! They went much from Gbfans, but the postage and customs brought these little babes in at just over £42! Dang! ...Still worth it to have the real deal on the pack! Lol.

I've started adding the switches and various other bits and bobs, though in the process, snapping one of the toggles. So gotta grab another. Delicate hands required here people!

I was a bit confused with the layout of the lights, so I've gone for what I thought looked best. The 2 white hats will be alternate blinking with the clear white and slo-blo stationary. Reckon that looks good after testing them out.

I've fixed the main tip light, behind the trigger tip with a hex screw with the top lopped, just as in the Venkman pack photos mentioned previously. Chuffed with the finish on that, looks pretty spot on to me!

Last thing I wrapped the side of the tip in the black electrical tape. That was fiddly and took a few attempts but got there in the end!

I've decided to make a little mounting bracket in the wand to try and tidy some of the wires. It's getting like old zooly's head in there... a bit crowed! More on that in the next post... if it works, other wise I'll forget all about and deny any knowledge of it!

PS - hat lights defo worth it! Lol. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
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