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I'm currently working on re-creating the Ecto-Plazm container label in Illustrator/photoshop for a personal project i have in mind.

But with the lack of good hi-res reference material of the whole container (start to end) it's very difficult to create a convincing label with just the right shapes, bubbles, effects, etc.

If anyone still owns a Ecto-Plazm container (any color) and is willing to help me out by photographing or scanning ;-) the container (the pictures do not need to be aligned) you be a lifesaver.

From what i've seen online all the different colors have somewhat different slime designs so any or all colors are welcome my progress at this point:


As you can see many details are still missing.
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Have you tried contacting Mr.Ghostbuster on Facebook? I bet he's got a bunch of those things.
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By Van Halen
Hi GBDRE760,

Sorry for the late response, forgot to subscribe for this topic.

Currently, this project is on hold, i have a hard time tracking down a good usable picture of single whole container. The image published above, is made in Illustrator, and the logo is traced from a low res image of a can i found online (since it differs in size/proportions with the actual movie logo).

With some post work in Photoshop.

Long time fan, so the project will not die, i just have no means of continuing, seeing that a actual can cost many $$$ on Ebay...
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is this still being worked on? I would love an HD scan of the full label, and/or a HD recreation of the full label - I have to imagine it's tough to get the label off the can without ripping the paper, so you'd have literally have to scan part of it, roll it about 1/4", take another scan, and so on, do that about, oh, 20 times and stitch them together in photoshop. I am certainly crazy enough to do it, but I will never be able to get my hands on a can of it in order to scan it or take HD photos.
Well the project never died, just the lack of any material the work from. And somehow i never got any updates on any new replies about this thread.

Below is my original file (EPS) for The Real Ghost Busters logo feel free to use it, keep in mind that the logo on the Ecto-Plazm label differs from the other Kenner toy package designs. If anyone has a hi-res scan of the package label, help out and do a scan, i will release the final files, back to the community for your own personal use.

PDF preview: ... o.pdf?dl=0

Adobe Illustrator File (50+MB): ... 20logo.eps

Vector file is at 95%, still some rough edges.
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Well, you should probably try contact VulgarrViking to see if he is willing to release his rendition to the public

But for me it not good enough. Its still a artist rendition, with its own (minor) faults.

If i ever release a finished re-work of a container bin design, i would be at least 95% true to the original (designer).

Then again, i'm always happy to see people, use my (pre) work, as there own:

So maybe i'll revisit this old 'fun' project later this summer.

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