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Hey folks!

My name is Rob and I'm a long time lurker who finally decided to post so I could share the results of a project you all made possible. I've been a Ghosthead since I was a baby, Ghostbusters was literally the first movie I ever saw in a theater at the age of three and I've loved it since. Any time I see a piano, I always play with the keys and tell whomever is around that, "They hate this...", usually to blank stares... :[

Anyways! I've always wanted a proton pack but just don't have the funds to buy a shell and aluminum mother board and do it all properly, so I have never gone beyond wanting. When the Afterlife trailer hit it was like a time warp and I was a kid again, I probably watched the trailer two dozen times the first day alone. Ecto's siren gets me EVERY TIME. I decided I was finally going to take the plunge and try and make the pack so I could wear it to the premier. I've spent the last few years tinkering and making other props and it gave me the confidence needed to believe I could build a pack. After scouring these forums and reading Norm's, Stefan's and Sean Bishops plans, as well as seeing the amazing work by Astyanax and the foam speed build by KCGhostbuster I fully believed I could pull it off. So, I printed some plans and dove in.

It took me roughly three months, but my pack is now done, sans electronics. I'm currently scratch building the thrower and making good progress after botching the first go round. I came up with a few scratch built solutions that were unique, hopefully my process can help others like you all helped me.

Anyways, there are dozens of these posts so I'll try to keep it short. I did my best to make it as accurate to GB1 as I could, as that's my preferred pack for many reasons. I weathered it a good deal, with the idea that my pack was an original from '84 that had survived to today with semi constant use. Hopefully my paint job reflects that and doesn't look overwrought. I'm a designer and illustrator by day and it's bugged me a lot worrying that I made my pack look bad with the paint job, lol.

This has inspired me to save up the funds to build a proper pack, but given that I made mine with foam, styrene and PVC, I'm pretty darn happy with it. Would love any feedback, and thanks again for making it possible to accomplish a childhood dream. A 38 year old man giggled like a little boy when he shouldered this pack on for the first time, and it was GLORIOUS.

Pics to follow!
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In the beginning I started building my pack using Sean Bishop's plans, coupled with the method KCGhostbuster followed in his speed build. Along the way I would also check against Stefan's plans when I had questions. I used EVA foam and foam core board, mixed with heaping doses of hot glue and contact cement. I started with the EDA Box and went from there building out the pack. Here's the basic body of the pack, more or less complete. For the HGA body I used a paperclip container that was more or less to scale, and who's lid had a recessed ring that fit the metal tag that goes there perfectly.

You'll notice my Gear Box is off, I didn't use source photos as much as I should have in the beginning and as such took some artistic license with the fins on the box, as well as not making the roof of the box dimple in like it should. :I


You can also see in the image the MDF Motherboard I cut out for the pack to be mounted to. That board ended up being a failure, as did the second go round. Third try was the charm, but more on that later.

NOTE: I took tons of pics along the way but don't want to spam the thread with too many. If anyone is interested in specific parts, I'm happy to share.
I'm skipping a lot here because I didn't realize how big the images would post, lol. Here's a pic of my pack, almost ready for paint:


The Booster was made from a cardboard tube, with another cardboard tube mounted inside it using foam. The Booster Frame was made using a coffee cup silicone slip cover, EVA and some pencils. The PPD was an empty pill bottle, cut down and capped with styrene. The Injector Tubes were made from extra shelving legs I had in my garage, and the N Filter was a sugar container. I scratch built the bumper using styrene and EVA foam following the plans by Palm Coast busters. The hose tube coming off of the top of the Cyclotron was made with a dollar travel spray bottle that I cut the top off of and covered with foam.

All the brown was filler to fill the edges and sand everything down, after it had all been coated with Mod Podge.
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From there I painted my pack using a mix of Rust-Oleum 2X Flat Black and Krylon Truck Bed Coating. You can see some warping on the Gear Box that I had to fix, but overall it came out pretty well. You can also see a port I built for the ribbon cable to feed through, as I refused to believe that Egon would just drill a hole and call it a day. I get it, for movie purposes, but imagining the pack as a real world object, I decided to make an artistic change there. I did the same were the hose from the thrower attaches, but that's not visible from this angle.


From there I cut down the acrylic sheets I bought for the Power Cell and Cyclotron lenses and installed them.

You can also see the mesh (dollar store strainer, cut down) and styrene I installed in the N-Filter. I left the N-Filter hollow, though strongly reinforced with foam, so I can add an LED to it in the future if I get brave. I know the mesh wasn't present in GB1, at least from what I could find in my research, but this was another artistic choice made to modify the original in order to make it seem more like a real world object.

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My next step was to add the elbows, Crank Knob, Ion Arm bars (painted dollar store dowels) and other greeblies. I also attached my (third) MDF motherboard to the Alice Frame I picked up, complete with foam spacers that aren't visible. I created the L Brackets that mount the pack to the frame, and riveted them to the board, but they are not visible in this image.

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From here it flew together quickly. I installed all the tubing, my GB1 Ribbon Cable I picked up from Fincher Technologies (Awesome!) and the ribbon bracket (made out of MDF and EVA, and painted. I did my best to bend and wrap the cable to match the way it looked on the Omni magazine cover seen in the film. I printed the labels myself using a foil metallic vinyl sticker sheet and used red electrical tape to make the ring around the N-Filter.

My bellows was scratch built using dollar store pirate coins. I had to make the bellows in such a way that it was light and wouldn't break my foam bumper. Turns out, pirate coins are the perfect size and it measured 100% accurate to Stefan's plans. I have more pics of this if anyone is interested in how I did it.

I was still missing the Clippard valve as I had been putting off scratch building it. I ended up making it from an acrylic paint tube (the perfect size) and stole Astyanax's process for creating the threading and cap. You'll see it in the next pic.

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Once I finished building the Clippard and attaching it, as well as a small prong for the Dale resistor on the Ion Arm, I weathered everything per my first post. This is where my pack is at now, as I work on finishing the thrower. I have the V Hook, but haven't installed it into the Gun Mount yet. Once I finish the thrower I will install it and mount the thrower, then I will be investing in electronics to provide light and sound to the pack and wand.

My thoughts were this was a pack that has seen some stuff go down. Would really love feedback on whether I took it too far. I did the same to the motherboard and the Alice frame, beating it up a good deal.






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This is my progress on my thrower. I built it because I need it to be light so it won't damage the pack, since I don't want to test how much weight a foam pack can accommodate, lol. I actually built the full body once before out of EVA and PVC but realized I got a lot of stuff wrong. I have been researching Throwing Chicken's kit and it has helped a lot with building this out.

I'm using plastic from a Sterilite container I had sitting around. It's incredibly strong, gives me plenty of space for electronics, and will need minimal clean up. Just need to install the PVC, build in the rotating barrel feature, and paint it up. I will post updates as it comes along.


So that's my progress so far. This whole journey has been made possible by you awesome folks, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and skill, it helped me live out a dream and I'm so thrilled with my pack. Hopefully the thrower turns out well and I can get the electronics worked out. Will be my first time messing with that and I'm a little worried, but I think I can figure it out.

Thanks for reading along, I would love any thoughts. With the film being pushed back due to the pandemic, at least I'll have time to work on fitting into a flight suit better, lol. :D
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Wow looks awesome dude!

I also made mine with EVA/foam core back in February and using the same references as you and it's nice to see someone else on here who's doing a cheaper build like me recently.

Can I ask if your bumper is made out of just EVA foam?

I dunno about yours but i didn't know how fragile it can be. I made the mistake of not reinforcing edges with Bondo enough and started using it way too late in the process. Sometimes I would accidentally rub it against a wall or chair stool and the foamcore tiles at the bottom would rip a bit.

I have a few dents here and there as well and I honestly don't know how comfortable I feel about taking it out in public.

I'm wondering about your thoughts and concerns on yours so far if you don't mind me asking.

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