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A year or so ago I purchased a new charging cable for my iPhone. The cable was made from EL-Motion wire. Its twisted Electro Luminescent wires with a driver that flashes each wire in sequence to give the illusion of electricity moving through the wire. I immediately though of how amazing this would look added to a proton pack. Giving it the illusion of all that power moving through the packs various tubes and wires. The cost of the charging cable was prohibitive to be able to buy enough and hack up for a pack. After some research I found a source out of Great Britain for Ultra Bright Motion EL-wire. A few weeks ago I ordered enough to replace all the colored wires and tubes on a pack. This post will cover my upgrade. As far as I know no one has used Motion EL-wire on a pack on anything GBFs have posted. I have seen a few posts with standard EL-wire but the motion gives it a whole new level. I also will be adding sound with a Matty Blaster card from Spongeface, lights and the E-cig upgrade outlined by jimfin.

Last night I started fitting the Motion EL-wire and testing brightness. Here is a link to the video of the test.

I think it looks pretty awesome! My goal is to alter the static view as little as possible but take the working view to the next level. Especially in low light situations. I plan on sleeving the EL-wire with tinted tubing to make it look more substantial and stock as much as possible. I was able to find some gas line tubing that is tinted red slightly. But this weekend I am toying around with RIT dyeing clear tubing into red, blue or yellow respectively.

As you can see the normally yellow wire is currently green in EL-wire. Yellow was not available and the untrained observer will never notice. Hopefully the tinted tubing will help make it more yellow.
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That actually looks pretty cool!
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So for the last week I have been working each evening on the upgrades. First I wanted to to have more smoke during my vent, so I decided to use both air pumps I had purchased to get more air flow and more smoke. Here is the test set up.
You can see the 12v to 6v converter in the bottom and both the Coffee brewer air pumps that I connected together.

The finish install looks like this.
The red tinted hose is the supply air from the pump to the e-cig and the larger clear hose is the smoke line from the e-cig to the fan. The fan is not connected yet in this photo.

You can also see the 2 Insignia bookshelf speakers I found as an open box at Best Buy for $18. They are extremely loud and a perfect fit at 8ohm 15watt. I decided to mount them both low on the pack as to not have the speakers right behind my head.

The buss bar on the left has all the connections for the Vent system. It includes 12v switched supply from the Matty Blaster Vent board, the exhaust fan, both air pumps and 12v to 6v converter for the e-cig. I decided to build it to the dedicated Buss bar so I could add an external momentary switch to give me venting on demand. I think i will need to go back and add a relay with a 12v led light to light up this manual venting. May also try to add sound some how to the manual vent as well.

The buss bar on the right has the main 12v power supply and is supplying power to the Matty Blaster board, Chasing EL wire and vent buss bar. I also switched the EL-wire externally which is a good thing as the EL wire driver adds mad noise to the Aux audio input on the Matty blaster board. I will hit the auto store for a inline radio engine noise filter and see if that helps.

Here is my switch setup.ImageImage I picked up a piece of aluminum sheet from HomeDepot and fabricated this switch plate.

It will mount at the bottom of the pack like the originals. Here is the mounting.Image
I lucked out because a bolt that holds each lower shell bracket lined up with this plate and I was able to remove those bolts and run them though the switch plate and bolt it all back together seamlessly. I also left room for adding an original 4 pin connector to give a more stock look later.

The pic of the switches is upside down for mounting but the switch configuration is:
Vent (momentary), Hum (on/off), EL-wire(on/off), Main Power (on/off), and Charging port. I went with the big red main covered toggle switch because it just looks bad ass, as well as functional. I will be adding a 1/8 in jack above the charging port so I can play music through the pack as well.

Here are a few pics of the motion (chasing) EL-wire installed.Image

I am waiting on the tinted carburetor line to arrive, then I will sleeve all the EL wire to make it more substantial and give some protection to it. The Ion arm el-wire is green because yellow was not available but i plan to sleeve it in yellow.

Here is a comparison of sleeved and non sleeved EL-wire. the red is sleeved with some red tinted fuel line I found at Home Depot. The blue has nothing covering it. Image
Thats it for now I will post more in the next few days. I look forward to your comments.
I will try to get a diagram drawn up next week. I have a main busbar that is fed power from the Li battery with the positive fed through the main switch then to the busbar. I pull positive power from the busbar and feed it to the EL wire switch, lights/sound board and a momentary switch that also feeds power to the eCig and fan.

As for the hum switch. The board has a jumper for him and no hum. I picked up a jumper with wire leads at a local electronics supply shop and wired the jumper to the hum switch.
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