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By Kingpin
How much would postage and packaging to the UK be for four guns and Packs?

It really is awesome work, amothe, are you planning do expand the "paranormal eliminator" line with other bits of equipment or is this the full extent of the venture?

Also, how much exposure are you comfortable with? Would you prefer this to not become a article on www.protoncharging.com?
@Armothe:sorry about the price mess-up :blush: I just put the price that I saw.
Also you should get an article on proton charging it is the best way to show them to the Ghostbusters fan community.
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By Kingpin
Copyright was my thinking behind it. Lego seems to have been quite open-minded with the custom part community from my limited experiece of it, but I honestly wasn't sure about where it might lie with Sony.

My main reason for asking was that if it were okay with him I was gonna post this on GBN and Proptopia... and if I did there would be a greater chance he could be featured on ProtonCharging, which he might like or he might not... but figured I'd ask before posting instead of assuming it'd be alright. :-)
By armothe
Hey guys, thanks for the consideration!

I think an article/post on protoncharging.com as well as Proptopia & GBN would be great! I'm really not too worried about exposure as I'm just a simple LEGO/GB fan that does this on the side as a hobby. As for more 'gear', I certainly wouldn't rule it out (points to photo)!

Here is a pic from this past Halloween so nobody accuses me of being a poser.


And here is a pic from my Flickr:


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By Syco54645
can we get a direct link in brickforge? if one was posted then i missed it.
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By AJ Quick
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By Syco54645
thanks aj!
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By keoni
Cincinnati Busters wrote:http://www.fineclonier.com/designs.php? ... id=3467600

The checkout is currently down but will be back up soon.
if i remember correctly, i do believe that is the same guy who mad a lego proton pack that lights up
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By Ray Stanz GB
Kingpin wrote:Oh my God...

I'm going to be so broke by Summer.

I am too. But fans like us keep this franchise going strong. Money well spent in my opinion
great costume armothe!

I just placed a big order, cant wait to see these packs & guns up close later this week!

do you have any plans for future "Geist Hunter" equipment like a trap, etc? also what did you use for the hose that goes from the gun to the pack?

again, kudos on your work, I'll likely be ordering more at a later date!
also, do you have this helmet for sale on the site? I couldnt find it...
http://www.brickforge.com/store/images/ ... umb-01.jpg

reminds me of the cosplay kids from "sasquatch gang"
http://www.entertainmentwallpaper.com/i ... gang03.jpg
(not a very good pic of it)
That helmet is a modified Darth Vader helmet and unfortunately is not for sale. As for your question about the hose piece it is a pneumatic hose from an old LEGO set.

I ordered a set of 2 packs and guns and they are awesome, I highly recommend them to anyone who likes Ghostbusters or LEGO.
By GhstbstrLMLIII
Well, y'all talked me into it. I placed my order for the both the equipment and the decal uniforms yesterday. Anyone know the best place to buy single LEGO pieces (ie: heads and bodies)? I checked the lego website yesterday and while I could get the heads, they didn't have tan bodies and legs.
By GhstbstrLMLIII
joeghostbuster wrote:did you order your decals from fineclonier.com ?
I did. Got a confirmation email from him last night that the paypal payment came through, he's already printed my order and it should be placed in the mail today. That's pretty darn good customer service in my book. I'll let you know when they arrive.

EDIT: Oh yeah - guess I would need the hair pieces too.

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