For those crazy guys in Europe.. Great Britian, United Kingdom, England... etc.
By Dr Addams
This is fun and unexpected 2. Ok I'm a GB fan 2 and I have made some GB props 2. I'm already more than 15 years in this bussiness. But there is a difference, because I have a specific style what I always use. Of course it's wise to begin with the standard protonpack, ghost traps ect ect. But I'm way to creative!

1. I write stories, and I have written some short stories about different Ghosthunts with the old packs, but I introduced a new pack in it. The same with the GB team, it has the standard base, but a new character immerged. And he has a totally different role in the story.

2. I have made a new GB pack which is a neutronpack. The base is the same but the neutrino wand is way bigger and the use of the standard GB busting system is changed and renewed 2. Also this creativity has resulted in the spawning of the new character + renewed background + country which he is originaly from.

3. Because he is from a different country, he has adepted the ghostbusting in something new.

4. I am busy to make a new pack which is so new, so different that a new story could be written...

Intrested.....well I live in Rotterdam...
Screen Used Stantz jumpsuit

Thank you so much for sharing!

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