For those crazy guys in Europe.. Great Britian, United Kingdom, England... etc.
By erockula
Anybody of the UK Ghostbusters gonna gear up and go? I'm coming over from Zurich with all my gear and was hoping to meet some other ghost heads.
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By methos2523
i'll be around doing shoots, but unless i get bored and suit up just to wear in my suit / boots for the day, i won't be in costume
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By your evil twin
I'm planning on going on the Saturday in full gear. Last time I went to MCM was years ago when I was still a student and I went in an anime costume. I'm looking forward to going as a Ghostbuster, I'm hoping it won't be so crowded that I regret it.
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By methos2523
crowded isn't the word for it... overcrowded doesn't do it justice... MCM is always packed way beyond what any normal person would consider safe or habitable.

it's not a con i'd recommend going in full pack for anyone... it's just too crowded and hectic... chances are if you go in full pack, it's going to get bumped, knocked, and bashed all over the place by crowds of people... that's even if the thugs... ahem, security, let the pack through their bulls#!t 'rules'
By erockula
Aha I had no idea it was such an ordeal...I guess I will try my best lol.if it gets too much I will just throw on street clothes.well if any of you see a lone buster cruising around come say hi .
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By methos2523
lol will do... i'll probably just be in buster outfit, no pack though... it's easily recognisable, and has my tog name on it as well... not to mention comfy and easy to move around in... and bonus, pockets lol
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By Kingpin
I wish you luck.

It didn't used to be so bad, but it's definitely become less enjoyable over the last few years.

One of the worst instances I heard of occurred a few years back. The same weekend that MCM Expo was on, there was also a religious event... and several of the attendees of the religious event accosted people visiting MCM Expo.
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By methos2523
yeah that event was atrocious... sort of 50/50 now though, as they hire out the entire Excel building so no other events are on, but they cram so many customers in that it's packed beyond belief...

if any 'busters head up though, look for the 'buster wandering around with camera gear and come and say hi lol
By robbo
I'll be there with pack! I made mine out of card and its much less deep than in the films - so It isnt too nasty to handle! god knows about the prop rules though... should get in ok I think.

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