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This is SO amazing!!! I expect it will come to PS4 too.
Hoping we get access to all DLC- especially GB 2 suit and the Gold Proton Pack!

What would be even more incredible is if the remaster team finished the extra multiplayer maps. In order to remaster they would need access to all assets right? So what would it take to add those in?
Or.... design more multiplayer content to increase the longevity of the remastered version’s lifespan?

If this is truly happening, I would expect something to be revealed at Fan Fest.
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By Slimered
I hope it does happen. I'd love a Switch version so I could play the remastered version both at home and on the go. That's what would ultimately make me want the same game again I still have access to on PS3.

It would seem odd to re-release it this year though, and not next year to tie in with Ghostbusters 3's release.
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I'm honestly not expecting a whole lot. A 60fps port of the PC version of the campaign is probably what we're getting, which would already be an improvement over the initial console release.

I'd love for them to re-render the cutscenes, though. I dunno if they are 720p or just feature heavy compression but they could certainly use another pass.
I'm hopeful it'll happen, but I can't see it being more than updated lighting and some texture polish. The missing parade level is unlikely to appear as the dialogue probably isn't there. I'd love to see the Van Horne tunnel and Spook Central rooftop maps finally included, and I'd LOVE to see the lip sync fixed, but anything other than a quick fix up just seems unlikely - especially given that the original team isn't around to work on it.

Still, it's not like I'll not buy it again regardless, so I guess I can't complain too much!
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By ccv66
After the easy money. I'll probably buy it regardless. I don't recall ever being blown away by any remaster. The parade level would turn my probably into a definitely and it looks like the intro and ending cut scenes are already done, but that's a wish list.. Don't expect much from the remake other than paying $50
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By Slimered
I'm hoping for a PS4 edition cause I already have it on XBox 360/one.
Considering Sony owns the rights to the movies, I’d honestly be shocked if it weren’t released on the PS4.
Yeah, if anything the Xbox listing suggests it will be released on all platforms.
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By mrmichaelt
Side note... Is it just me, or was the game TOO short? As previously mentioned, some Lost Levels would be the Ultimate DLC!
Yes, it's pretty much unanimous among fans that it was too short.

Considering the history of the game's production, we're fortunate it got finished at all.
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By Slimered
Side note... Is it just me, or was the game TOO short? As previously mentioned, some Lost Levels would be the Ultimate DLC!
Maybe even some entirely new additions to the story where you're not even playing as the rookie and you get to play as one of the original Ghostbusters for a bit.
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