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By sirphobos
That arcade game was in this arcade in Chicago that I went to last summer when I visited my cousin. It was out of service though. But good job restoring it. I wouldn't even know how.
Galloping Ghost?
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By sirphobos
WOW! Great work! That looks like it came right off the assembly line. Have you connected the coin door to Raspberry Pi to get the full experience?
Yes! I wired up the coin mech switches to act as functional coin mechs, and just wired up LED bulbs to a 5v adapter for lights for the coin insert.
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By Peet1

That side art scan looks like it's pretty great. I recently had my side-art-less RGB delivered Friday and am working on cleaning it up. Most every dedicated 3-player cabinet I've seen hasn't had the art and that's a shame. It's really a perfect touch to the game.

That said, I'll reach out when the forum lets me send PM's.

I provided the art that I had custom made a few years ago when I was doing a restoration. The side art has never been reproduced so I hired a graphic designer to recreate it from photos on the web and dimensions from another GBFans member. I ended up getting another RGB machine that has art that's in great shape so I'm going to scan that in eventually for a true 1:1 version.

The arcade is looking great sirphobos! Can't wait to see the rest!
By below_radar_00
Hey Peet!

I've since scanned the art in but I haven't had the time to find someone to clean it up. Once it's cleaned up I imagine we'd have to do a test print to see if the colors are accurate on the print and then revise and reprint as necessary until it's right. I'm happy to work with anyone on the project if they'll take the lead.
By verbekecobra
Hello! I just found this forum and thread as I just bought a Real Ghostbusters arcade as well. It is also missing the side art. My game is a two player version, but looks really similar to the pictures posted except for the control panel of course. Do you know if the sideart is available for purchase. My game has nothing on the sides so I'm thinking the sideart would be a nice addition. Thanks again! Dan

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