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Hi there GB Community! I gotta say the site is pretty Awesome and neat, you made a Wonderful work with the style of the forum and sections itself.

I'm a Xbox 360 and PS3 DLC collector who has been trying to get and find missing and lost DLC Contents since 2017, and last year I found out there were some Pre-order DLC Bonuses for Ghostbusters: The Videogame (2009) released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 Versions. I enjoyed that game a lot and honestly It's way better than the PS4 Game that they made in 2016.

So actually I'm looking for 2/3 Pre-order DLCs released for this game, I mean the ones that can be used for the Single Player Mode:

The GB2 Flightsuit


The Gold Proton Pack


If you happen to have any of them, please leave a reply and If you got them for the Xbox 360 Version please share the files with us. It's kinda easy to do, just pick any USB drive of 16GB or less, format It on your Xbox 360 console and then go to Settings>Storage and look for your Ghostbusters Game and try to copy the DLC files, that's all. Now If you got them for PS3, I just need the Gold Proton Pack, but It will be harder to get the DLC file.

Thank you very much guys!
SkyHighGam3r wrote: August 21st, 2019, 10:02 pm I have the Grey suit DLC, but the game is installed on my Xbox One now. Not sure if that makes a difference? I'm all for digital preservation though.
WOW! I never thought someone would reply to my post, I mean It has been a long time since I made this thread...
By the way, I see now, I'm so happy and excited to know that you got the GB2 FlightSuit mate :roland:

Ok, like I said before on Xbox 360 you just need an USB drive of 16GB or less to copy DLC content from your Xbox 360 HDD, but now that you mentioned that you have It on your Xbox One now, I think It will be harder to get the DLC file, do you still have access to your Xbox 360 console maybe? Or did you giveaway your console?

Also, the DLC file is basically a really small file of 100KB, in other words an activation Key since All DLC is in-disc, I need at least one DLC file to try to make Custom DLC for the Gold Proton Pack.

Let me know your answer mate, Thanks a Million again!
Cheers :cool:
#4946133 ... L_HW8ZoNGc ... BTA1dXoJTU

Here's both, I can't figure out how to access the full DLC's but here's the .DAT files from Horzion.

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