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By Meph
It's a common mistake actually of people to think that Ellis Island and Liberty Island are one in the same. Actually even NY tourist groups make the mistake. They are indeed physically separate islands. But it's common for them to be lumped together for reference.

By Rustyjeffears
I was going to say the same myself. The tour we went on was the Liberty island and Ellis Island tour. Ellis island being seperated by 1/2 a mile or so of water than Liberty Island.
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By One time
Sorry to ressurect this thead but I believe I found something others may have have missed.

The fan service in GB:TVG was very layered and deep. It's why we love it.

I noticed that if you listened carefully when you are walking with Peter, Egon doesn't say "Ellis Island incident" but he says "Ellis Island incidents". The subtitle reads incident (but he clearly says incidents) someone may have erroneously corrected what they perceived as a subtitling mistake.

I don't believe they mixed up Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

In the GB2 movie, no "incident" happened on Liberty Island. The slime caused the Statue of Liberty to animate but this was not a surprise. They knew this would happen (like the toaster) and even brought a NES Advantage joystick in anticipation for controlling it. An "incident" is something else, something unexpected.

His use of the word "incidents" in plural seals the deal that this is not referring to the Statue of Liberty slime scene on Liberty Island in Ghostbusters II.

Lets remind ourselves of the scene in GB:TVG where Egon says "Ellis Island incidents".

Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Venkman (feigning retreat loudly): "That's all we needed to hear. Alright, we're out! Coffee time, everyone! Service has been declined beyond this point."
Spengler on radio "Sounds like the Alhambra's off limits."
Venkman "The shnutz you say. Nobody slimes Pete Venkman twice and gets away with it."

Peter is angry with slimer and tries to deceive it and shouts that they're leaving the lobby and giving up in trying to enter the Alhambra ballroom but is secretly en route through the kitchen with the Rookie.

Egon has heard Peter's attempted deception line and hears his true anger and intention and warns him on the radio:

Careful, Peter. Remember the Ellis Island incidents?"

Egon could be referring to the 8-5-88 script draft of Ghostbusters II (Page 1 & Page 98) EXT. ELLIS ISLAND.

There Peter is also very angry with a ghost and tries to fool him in a similar manner.

Ghostbusters II draft (5-8-1988)
Lane: "You had a right to be angry."
Venkman: "Forget it. I just want to nail that creep and send him to the ghost slammer."
Lane: "Where are you taking us."
Venkman (trying to fool Jason): "Ellis Island. We think you'll be safe there."

Jason: He's lurking nearby, watching every move, hearing every word.

So Peter decides to fool Jason by pretending to smuggle Lane and the baby to Ellis Island, when in fact they are on route to Manhattan. The plan backfires on Ellis island as he (and Louis) are caught and they have to evacuate to Liberty Island.

So in both examples Peter is with a noob (Louis / Rookie) and tries to be deceptive about his intended destination.
If this is right then the fan service in GB:TVG really is even more insane than I thought.

And if you haven't read the draft of GB2, it I reccommend it, it is a very dark (more than GB1) script yet very funny. ... -08-05.pdf
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