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Ha! I too like Ray's "It wasn't me this time, I swear it" line. Other favorites include ...

* Peter: "Yeah, that's what happens when you mess with the men in beige."

* Random Answering Machine Guy: "Hi, I was wondering if it's safe to eat all this marshmallow goo that's fallen on Times Square. And as a follow-up question, what if I already did?"

* Peter: [speaking of Egon]: "He gets so bossy when he hasn't had his nap."

* Peter: "Hey. If you're going to burn any tissue, do it to the new kid. You can't use Ray. Our mortgage is in his name."

* Ray: "Egon used to be a licensed coroner."
Winston: "No kidding?"
Egon: "It's just a hobby now."

"Just like a puppy, everyday' the first day" Venkman after learning Ray was possessed again

Ray: What are we looking for
Egon: something that looks like a switch or would turn a generator on
Ray: thank you Egon, just so you know we are keeping score...
Egon: what did I say?

"You accidentally shoot someone with a particle accelerator and they get all suit happy" Venkman after he shoots at another hotel janitor

Egon: Oh no!
Ray: What's wrong Egon, see something scary?
Egon: Stairs, lots of stairs
Egon, at start of library, "I've been conducting an experiment in which I sleep an average of 14 minutes a day. Leaves me a lot of time to work."

Cinematic before museum. Peter, "I love this plan! It's just dull enough to work."

Peter, looking at possessed Peck in museum cinematic, "I never got him."

After Rookie opens up a wall. Peter, "That was a little harsh. What'd you have against that wall?"

Ray, returning to Sedgewick, "This is just how a Level Five Ambusher lures you in!"

Winston, examining orrery on Shandor Island, "Stay in the light, Egon."

Egon, examining orrery on Shandor Island, "I can calculate 54 likely outcomes. We'd survive three of them."

Shandor, "Very good, and they say you're the slow one."
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"Say, is that him?" - Pete on seeing Stay Puft

"Don't worry, we're highly trained professionals... (muttering) stay behind me and try to look professional" - Pete entering the Sedgwick (Wii version)

"I think Tubby Soft Squeeze has got dog ears, Ray!"

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