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By Photon Guy
Anybody recall a Ghostbusters video game that came out sometime in the late 80s, 88 or 89? I do know there was a popular computer game in the mid 80s called Ghostbusters where you go from building to building catching ghosts and in the end you go up against the stay puft marshmallow man and cross your streams, I had the Atari version, but this is not the game Im talking about. I only saw it as a coin operated video game that you would play at the arcades. From what I remember you could shoot single blasts and you could also shoot proton streams. Anybody familiar with this?
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By ccv66
So there is the real Ghostbusters arcade game, but no stay puft. For my understanding all the games in the 80s were all the same. The best one I played was the one on the Sega masters system, not the genesis , which that one is good to.. should be able to get emulators and Rom for both Sega masters & genesis to try out. I have not played the commodore 64 version but I assume it has to be better than the NES version

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