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By Wafflerobot
As some of you may know, Rocket League added the Ecto-1 as a purchasable car this week as part of their Radical Summer Event:


I had not played my copy of the game in a few years, but I felt I had to jump back in now that they've added in my favourite car.

The game is just as fun as I remembered it being and I seem to be re-addicted to it, so I figured I'd show some images to anyone here that doesn't play/has no interest in buying the game and show you some of the neat little things they did, such as having a Proton Stream or Ectoplasm shoot out of the back when you do a boost:

You can also make it so scoring a goal makes Stay Puft show up and stomp around for a few seconds:

They've also added a mode where you use a proton stream to grab the ball in mid-air for a few seconds, allowing you to drag it around and away from the other team. From what I understand, this mode won't be around forever though, its just limited to the summer.

And lastly they added the Ghostbusters logo as rims but you can't add it to the Ecto-1 itself, only on the other normal cars:


If some of you are wondering why the Hood of the Ecto-1 is Red or Blue in the screenshots, this is because they have to make it so other players can easily identify what team you are on.

Overall I think they did a really nice job with it. I'd love them to add the Ecto 1A as well at some point. With the option of pink mood slime shooting out of the back.

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