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By mrmichaelt
I knew beforehand piecing together things from articles and podcasts that development on the game was INSANE but what Melchior said at the panel was even crazier. Like at first Sony wouldn't help them connect to the original cast.

Or Bill Murray, once he was in, pushed hard for Rick Moranis to be in the game and even called up Rick.

They have ideas and a synopsis for a second and third video game at least. In the 2nd one, the franchise teams, including one from LA, would come to New York to save the original team.

There was an Ellis Island level and a subway level with the Ghost Train cut from the game. In total, there's 6 or 7 levels with dialogue recorded that didn't make into the game.

There was going to be a DLC level revolving around Christmas and one revolving around the Vigo painting.

It took 3 years of back and forth with Ray Parker Jr. to get him to let them use the song.

For a short time, the Rookie was going to be John Belushi.
By DocLathropBrown
6 or 7 levels with dialogue??? I assume without Murray, but still... that's material for another whole game that presumably includes Ramis! Here's hoping the success of the movie gets Sony to make another game, and they can use that material!
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By Kingpin
Here's hoping the success of the movie gets Sony to make another game, and they can use that material!
How much would be theoretically useable in a new game would depend greatly on how specific it relates to the plot of the Video Game.

It'd be nice to get another game featuring the surviving movie cast, but I doubt it'll happen... The game was very much like the first movie, a perfect storm of people and content coming together, and not certain to be successfully repeated.

A shame about the ghost train level, I bet that's the one that would've seen Van Horne make a reapparance, and it looks like we were going to see the "Ellis Island Incident" Egon alluded to at the Sedgewick.
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