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By mrmichaelt
Does any one know why the game story was written by so many writers? There's about 8 writers credited to the games script.
The game did change hands. Flint Dille and John Zuur Platten wrote the first to fourth drafts of the script, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis consulted and only helped rewriting some parts like dialogue while the game was being developed. John Melchior was an executive at Sierra on the project, and came up with some of the ideas for the Stylized Versions. Melchior didn't write with the above four so it's not really known what he contributed exactly. In similar fashion, Patrick Hegarty's role is unknown but he never worked with Dille and Zuur Platten.

Paul has a write up about this here: ... ene-script
By gold333
Skankerzero any anyone else that was involved in this game; how did you guys get so much fan service into this game?

Were developers specifically hired who were fans or were developers forced to watch the movies, cartoons, readup, etc. ( That seems unlikely) or did you guys get fans to consult?

I mean, down to the "Uncle Egon" thing in the firehouse, representing a fan movie, the research that went into this evidently was very deep.

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