By EgonMacGyver
Does anyone have any tips or plans on making a leather belt holster for the PKE meter? I'm looking to 3D print one and put some electronics in it, and I'd love to be able to not have to hold it all the time. I saw some 3D printed PKE holsters, but I think a leather one would probably be easier to wear.
By EgonMacGyver
Thanks, Doc! I'm actually setting up to print one off Thingiverse by CountDeM0net, which I saw you had commented on and printed. How'd it come out?
By EgonMacGyver
When I get mine together, I'll let you know how it went. I tinker with arduino (arduini??) as a hobby, so I don't think it'll be that bad.
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By doctorevil30564
When I get mine together, I'll let you know how it went. I tinker with arduino (arduini??) as a hobby, so I don't think it'll be that bad.
My soldering skills are still very sub par. I do ok if I am soldering larger stuff, but fine soldering for the gauge wiring that is needed to make this work optimally is still a bit beyond my abilities. I still practice periodically and hope to improve enough to do the build sometime in the near future. I managed to snag a Mattel collector PKE Meter for under 300 dollars so I am currently using that one in my holster, but to be honest I had more fun holding and using the EGB styled EMF/PKE Meter I built at my group's last (but first) event for free comic book day. I just posted that one today in this forum if you want to check it out.
By EgonMacGyver
I actually came across that one before I started this thread. I used to have an XGB style one, as well, that I put an ion counter in. Worked well enough as a prop, but it made it look like my (non-existent) branch was based out of an underfunded basement shop (which it technically was). I've always wanted a movie style meter, though.
By EgonMacGyver
I used a black nylon Husky Tape Measure for my matty collector PKE Meter. I lightly sanded the husky logo and then used some of the black leather dye I had left over from doing my belt gizmo holster.
About how close do the Matty Collector and the CountDeMonet PKE meters resemble each other in size? I don't have a Matty Collector one to compare against, and I was wondering if the Husky tape measure holder would work for the 3D printed one.
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By doctorevil30564
I tested the 3d printed shell for my CountDeMonet PKE Meter that I started but have lost my nerve on wanting to do the electronics for it so I never finished it. To me the fit was comparable to my Mattel Collector PKE Meter.

I will eventually get braver after I do a bunch more soldering practice, and will at that point try to finish it up.
By EgonMacGyver
Great, thanks Doc! I think I'll go pick one up this weekend.
By EgonMacGyver
Will do! I'll probably get the opportunity to purchase it tomorrow.
By EgonMacGyver
Just bought it and it fits great. Thanks for the advice!
By Creativeguy
Yeah, they are on ebay for 30.00 with a Ghostbusters label over the Husky logo. They are about 6.00 at Home Depot.
By BRD 527
what are they sold at home depot as?
By ravencrow
I can easily make leather holsters for the PKE .. and i will be as soon as i find a decent pattern as i don't have a PKE of mine own to used for measuring ....
By BRD 527
I was at my local ace hardware the other day and they sell the leather pke holsters (also tape measure holsters ) but they are brown leather just need to be dyed they are only $7
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By BRD 527
I just picked up a craftsman nylon/leather (black/black) 30' tape measure holder for $12 that is pretty similar to the all leather holders but holds the PKE meter more snug for a new belt im putting together using all nylon stuff. They sell them thru SEARS for $8 but those have the craftsman logo, I was able to find the same holder on Ebay for a few bucks more sans logo

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