By goodale.jason
My PKE is acting sluggish and I assume it needs new batteries. Has anyone had experience changing out the batteries?
Thanks again everyone
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By Kingpin
I would've thought most experiences would be universal - unscrew the battery cover, remove the old batteries, and insert the new ones.
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By Kingpin
It wasn't really meant to be dry wit... It's just... Changing batteries, you know? Not really any harder than any other toy with electronics.

The first 26 seconds of this video show how straightforward it is: link
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By Alex Newborn
In case you get in there and find any corrosion from the factory-original batteries, I recently opened a Matty PKE Meter that had been boxed ever since they were first made, as part of a longer video.

The relevant section on cleaning the contacts with vinegar begins at about 7:24.

The same Meter also had a crimped wire, as I discovered when I went one step further and removed the section that covers the electronics. You might be interested to see that part as well, since it shows the difference between removing the back to get to the batteries and actually going into the tricky areas.


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