Just popping in here to report that I've FINALLY gotten the first of four kits installed... and it is AMAZING. I emphesize "finally" not due to any fault of the kit itself or the creator, but my own. Kinda rushed getting the kit in while I was exhausted and ended up installing a piece backwards, so the sound wasn't triggering correctly. Thanks to Dave, I was able to fix the issue and now my meter works flawlessly and how it SHOULD have been from the get go :D

If you have a Mattel PKE meter and AREN'T getting this kit, you are doing yourself a disservice.
Brilliant work, Dave! I'd love to get my name added to the second run of these kits as well.
Me also
canpara wrote: August 27th, 2018, 9:08 am I contacted Dave via Facebook asking about his PKE soundmod kits. He informed me that he has no plans to offer any kits this year. That's too bad... I would love to upgrade my Matty PKE as well.
Oh, that's too bad - it looks pretty much like all the plans of bringing this project up, went dead already - even the domain pkenhanced.com is no longer existing. I was hoping to get something that could give my matty pke some proper sounds too. :(

Maybe anybody got some useful information about how to make it happen somehow using arduino & co e.g.?
How did I miss that?!?

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