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By LtPinkerton
I recently acquired an Iona shoe polisher, and have been wanting to turn it into a PKE. Considering how hard it was to find one, I decided it would be better to make casts of it and work with that.

Would anyone be interested in buying any if I did a run or two? I honestly think the PKE is the coolest (outside of the pack) gadget, so I’d love to help contribute to their honor by busting out a lot of casts.

Just curious if there would be any interest.
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By Kingpin
I'm sure there probably would be some folks who'd be interested in Iona casts, now that the Matty PKEs have become extremely expensive... however, as a friendly reminder, you will need to purchase a supporting membership before listing anything for sale here. :)
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By Batfly
I'd be interested, even more so if you do casts of the parts you make (arms,etc.) when you build your PKE Meter, it would be great to have a kit with all of the casted parts to use.
I second this notion!
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