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By Alex Venkman
I just took the plunge and built in the PKE Enhanced kit from Dave.
It wasn't such a chore I think. ;-) Seriously I was a bit frightened to kill my Matty
but spending the afternoon with soldering was great fun.
The instruction video was more than clear and the outcome is amazing!!

Here is a quick demo video


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By zeta otaku
The guy is an absolute mad scientist and... yeah, gutting Matty PKEs to add this is nerve racking, but SO WORTH IT. I have one of the original kits in my personal PKE and refit two of my friends' meters with the updated 2.0 model!
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By JTysonLambert
Did you get that kit recently? I was following the PKEnhanced Facebook page waiting on updates on a new run, but the page seems to have vanished.
By zeta otaku
Oh no, it was YEARS ago. I think he only made 3 runs? I got in on the first run for myself and the second for 3 of my friends... and the 3rd run was EXTREMELY limited... not that the first two runs were all that extensive.
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By Alex Venkman
I bought the kit from a guy who had it lay around for years. He never had the guts to do the conversion. :)
Not sure Dave will make another run. He's busy doing a kit for GB3 goggles.

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