By Aidan Alfaro
So I want to make a movie accurate pke meter from some STL files I found. I'm not very experienced with coding, but I want to make it very similar to a Matty meter. I figured it would be cheaper than buying a Matty one from Ebay. Do any of you guys know how to code this?
i can provide the files so you guys can see the amount of space there is to work with
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By abritinthebay
You...realize you just went "I've got nothing but would like you to build this for me", right?

That's a little more than "help".

If you're interested in doing this yourself you'll need to probably use an Arduino Nano (or same form factor) + some other higher voltage ICs to drive the two servos.

Other than that its just a case of inputs and outputs. If <input> then <output>, etc. However sound will be tricky with a nano. If you can find a small enough audio shield (spark fun has a few) then that's easier.
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