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By Kingpin

Acting like Father Christmas himself, Chris Ryall has presented a early Christmas present in the form of two alternate covers and a brief tease for IDW's new holiday-themed one-shot: Ghostbusters: Past, Present & Future, which can be found on his blog

"PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE is the name of the one-shot, and in it, the GBers go up against... a ghost of Christmas past, present, and... well, you know. Are these the actual Dickens ghosts? Mmmmaybe, but you'll need to read to find out for sure.

The book's written by Rob Williams (Indiana Jones, SFX magazine) and drawn by Diego Jourdan (ASTRO BOY), who is also doing a cover. Pictured here, however, is Nick Runge's Dickensian image, along with a variant Rockwell-inspired image also by Runge.

I figure, the stores will soon be displaying Christmas decorations, so it's never too early to also talk about comics shipping at the end of the year..."

With the current talk of Displaced Aggression being released in September, with the final issue being released in December, it appears that this Yuletide season we may be blessed with two helpings of Ghostbusters!
By ogswiss
im excited..i love the christmas carol story and of course as a kid loved the christmas carol RGB episode! hopefully this onetime comic of intertwining both subjects for the second time is just as good.
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By Kingpin
JOURDAN wrote:I asked my editor to let me to post a few preview pages here, so i'll do it as soon as the 'powers that be' allow it ! :)
Welcome to the forum, Mr. Jourdan. I'm eager to see the pages should your editor allow you to post them... you've employed quite a wide range of illustrative styles in your past work and it'll be interesting to see your take on the Ghostbusters.

If you are able to post them, would it be alright to also post them over on
JOURDAN wrote:OK, i got my editor's approval to post a few pages, but am keeping the cover a secret for now ;)

Also, i'm not allowed to disclose any story elements beyond what Chris already posted at his blog, so don't ask :sigh:





okay.... i'm sold!

i like the look of the ghost of christmas future... even though you dont see his face, you can tell he is ticked.
i allways liked to think out of the three ghosts, He/She was the most disgusted with scrooges actions.

i like the character because he was the spirit that delt the full crusing blow by showing rooge what his actions in the present willlead to... a dark grm future (maybye thats why he looked like the grim reaper!)

cant wait to see where they are going with this.

i also want to see what has gotten janine in a knot! heh, heh... i havent seen her that angry since she shoved everything off her desk in anger from the overwealhming ghost calls.

thanks for the scans pal!
By ogswiss
looks really good. the ghost of christmas yet to come is my fav. no words just actions...btw i swear when i was like 9 i saw him in my living room and he/she pointed at me and then pointed away...i was shook under my covers lmao
It's likely the writer(s)/editor(s) know about the RGB episode that worked with this story. If they don't, they'll probably hear about it from initial fan feedback like this. I wonder if they'll put an easter eggs in with that in mind? "You again? Common, I've been a regular Chris Cringle since the last time we busted your ectoplasmic bells of holly!"

Then again, perhaps they want to keep RGB "universe" separate from the movie universe.
Then again, perhaps they want to keep RGB "universe" separate from the movie universe.
No relation to RGB as far as i know. Also, with this story taking place kinda in-between GB1 and GB2, I suggested we give the team the dark-gray outfits*, but keep the GB1 shoulder patches (GB2 logo never made much sense to me, as far as the uniforms are concerned)... so now it's up to the colorist, i guess :cool:

*Alternative covers' uniforms will stay khaki though.
By ogswiss
staypuft1984 wrote:those ecto goggles are ridiculous. im just sayin.

i understand what your sayin they are type big lol the same time though im taking it as its just a change/varation for this one story doesnt skeeve me out toooo much
those ecto goggles are ridiculous. im just sayin.
Well, one of the key aspects of GB1 and 2 that i always found appealing was the "low-tech" gadgetry design, and those goggles mean to reinforce that ;)

Oh, and take a look at Tom Smith's great looking colors below:



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