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By ProtonCharger
I'm just saying Peter is much less likely to make a portable nuclear reactor in the old west then Egon. I'm well aware the films and other medias these characters apear in are scifi and fantasy to a broad degree, but I do appreciate continuity with the four ghostbusters as individuals. I think Peter's character would have a hard enough time building a proton pack in the 80's, let alone in the old west. He just isn't as studied as Spengler. That's all. I needless to say love Venkman's character but he has his limitations as a scientist. Especially when compared to Spengler and Stantz.

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By RedVirtue
Just because Venkman hands Egon a Crunch bar doesn't mean all the professor eats are Nestle products.
That has nothing to do with what I suggested. But I'll say not all professors are equal, and leave it as that.
By td9993
While appreciate Tom Waltz's comments, I have to say, from a guy who actually orders comics for a store, people don't want mini-series stuff if they can get into a story.
MANY, MANY books we get only survive because people find them at about the 3rd or 4th issue and THEN go in search of others.
People will buy an occasional one shot, but comic buyers WANT to be invested in titles. They want to feel as if it's going somewhere.
I'm not trying to cause trouble or call him a liar, merely stating from MY end, this is how it is.
By Peterson
Okay, here's my take on Peter building a Proton Pack in the old west...he didn't BUILD one, he REPAIRED his current one using what he had available to him. And probably a highly detailed 'Field Manual' that Spengler likely insisted they all carry with them...

I get this from what Rachel says throughout the series...that she specifically sought out Peter first. And going by how they find Egon, she used the unique energy signature from HIS Proton Pack to find him.

Though one could argue that he DID build the Pack from scratch and took the time to make sure he got the energy signature right because he figured that it would be vital for someone to manage to find both where and WHEN he was.

The Containment Unit was what made me scratch my head. But another fan said they thought it was magic-based, which works for me. Maybe a friendly Wizard or Shaman came by to lend Pete a hand. Or maybe...
We know Rachel can cloud men's minds to a degree...maybe she sent the IDEA for someone to help Peter build the CU - or hell, maybe the rest of his gear for that matter - back in time, before she was able to fully replicate Daddy's trick and send herself back in time to get him.
This Post Contains Spoilers
By Ghostbuster-Adem84
I was actually taken back by Pete's CU aswell when I first read the series, I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how the hell he keeps the spirits within and not worry about them passing through the damn thing. Magic is an acceptable answer, but what got me really thinking was the old west wasn't really a magical period? That was more Ray's timeline and era. I've never really heard anything about magic related to the ol' west so if not magic/spells what else would have kept them locked in?
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By Nicholszz
How can you help? By letting your retailers know you want more Ghostbusters comics ordered and stocked in their stores
Funny you saying this. I went to every book store/corner store.
And while I found graphic novels. ** Noticed the Displaced Agression one was being sold in April because of this**
I Found not one comic!
The only comics I could find where, Spider man, Batman, Archie, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Which I found very saddening.
I used to be able to go into any store, and look at tons of comics.
Now all I see is Graphic Novels that I have no interest in, or Porno magazines.

I did go up the counter, and I asked the person at the counter at one book stores. "How come you guys don't sell comic books? They are books."
She reffered me to the crappy 10 comics section of Batman, and Spiderman.
I then asked her. Where all the other ones where.
She replied, this is it.
I was very disapointed.
I wasn't about to get rude with them.
I did also state, I wanted ghostbusters comics. And she reffered me to the computer?
So I went to their computers.
To only find. NOTHING.
Except the Displaced Agression graphic novel that was telling me will be released in April.
I did not pre-order. As I was just grumpy at this time.

I asked at one book store. Why they did not order near any comic books.
They just stared at me like I was retarded.
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By PeteVenkman_Jedi
I have to admit that Tom's level headed explanation and 'classy' response has actually given me more respect for the company and the creative teams working on the series. I still have the same feelings of the comics already released (some good, some not so good), but I feel more positive about seeing what they have in store for the franchise. I can see that these guys are fans and are doing their best. Mostly it was the fact that Tom wasn't combative or defensive but more 'these are the facts' about his response that I liked.

The same amount of class could be learned by a few here on the board, you know, the ones who label everyone 'haters' because they have a personal taste that differ from their own and express it. I really dislike the term 'haters' and people that use it. If we all liked exactly the same things there would be no variety in life. Feedback, be it positive or negative is necessary so that the company making a product can understand what they need to do to improve their product the best it can be. If everyone is just being 'yes-men' then there is no way a company can get a realistic evaluation of their product and figure out what needs to be tweaked.

As I have done from the beginning of IDW's foray into GB, I will continue to buy the comics and see what happens. If I like it I'll keep reading, if not, well, I have better places to put my money. But they at least have my respect now.
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By GBPaulRivera
It's weird to come to this forum 9 years later. Mainly because a lot has happened since, but suffice to say, I love this pitch so much that I got James and Dan to give me permission to bring it to life. This will be fun :)
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