It isn't often you get to see a 1959 Cadillac Ecto-1 project come together. Follow these builders' emotional journey as they race against the clock to get their Ecto-1 replica finished in time to be seen by Dan Aykroyd.
Good god, that car is a work of art, seriously, amazing work guys some true craft and work gone into making that. I'm happy for you that Dan loved it. Dan's clues to new ghostbusting equipment and vehicles has really got my mindcogs working, though I think nothing could ever be as iconic as the Ecto-1.
Marquis wrote:
"Primitive to the new equipment we will be breaking out in the 3rd movie"
Hmmm ... I have a certain iphone-pack-and-fantastic-four-costume-uniform-related feeling that this is not what I wanted to hear ...

Yeah, I kinda cringed at that too. Of course I got the impression that was just a tongue in cheek wink and nod to keep interest up in the fans/public's eye.

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