Just revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2010.

Mattel has unveiled their latest in the Ghostbusters product line. A Ghostbusters PKE Meter. The price has been rumored to be $50 and includes lights, sounds and moving wings. To be released towards the end of 2010. We'll have more photos as they come in. Also, check back on Friday for the reveal of the Club Ecto-1 exclusive figure.

UPDATE: Turns out the plaque next to the PKE Meter says "Holidays 2011", not 2010 as indicated on MattyCollector's Facebook.

UPDATE 2: But people are still saying Holidays 2010. So there is hope.

UPDATE 3: It is December 2010. The price may be $60, not $50.


Photos by Vincenzo330 for Ghostbusters Fans.
Knew I shouldn't have bought iona shells.. LOL! But that IS SWEET!
So is this on the website or in specialty shops?.... more info please.
Awesome sauce!

Is this the end of hyperdyne as we know it?

Also, how many people are going to buy this and upload this to the props section?

And finally, will this prop be the next Ubo Neuralyzer?
a few months ago I asked in an "Ask Matty" section at Popcutulrenetwork if they would do role play items considering the success Diamond has had with Star Trek role play. . . the answer was "stay tuned" so you can imagine how happy I am. I can finally add a PKE meter to my gear and I hope they do a trap next. Not holding my breath for a pack but I've already got one so I'm good there.

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