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By AJ Quick

SDCC 2013 may be long over now, but we are still sorting through the announcements and new releases! As spotted by JayTigran, Ghostbusters Minimates will be coming back to Diamond Select Toys from Art Asylum. The new Ghostbusters set is expected to retail around $17-$19 and we should be carrying it in the GBFans Shop! No word on release date yet, but our guess would be late 2013 or early 2014.

We'll have a few more photos from SDCC 2013 coming up in the next few days.

Photo: Cool Toy Reivew.
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By Zack
these look great, love everything Diamond Select has done with the minimates, hell we even have figures of Janosz and the Mayor, who thought we would ever see them in ANY form? all that said, I will not be getting them...if they do "new" stuff, I would love to get in on it, like the three guys in subway rain gear etc. I know these are different but not different enough for someone on my budget :D I have to pick and choose more these days...

I have pretty much all the movie minimates but I stopped at the RGB and only got a few of them...This is a good way to reintroduce them I think. With a set of the 4 of them for people who didn't collect them before.
I'm wondering if there's a reason why they're just now releasing the team with removable packs. Optimistic thinking, but that's the one thing that was keeping them from sitting down (well and standing up...), so maybe they've found a way to make a generic enough, not quite Cadillac Ecto-1? Again, extremely optimistic.
The originals didn't need removable packs in this fashion, all they needed was a packless tampo under the chest piece, and I'm really surprised they didn't have them since Art Asylum usually does that sort of thing. The GB2 four pack finally had packless tampos under the chest pieces (save for Ray, who I believe they said was a screw up on their part), as did the RGB minimates.


I'll like the look of these packless busters better than the zipped down look of the prior ones, so I'll get this, but it does seem strange to me that they'd go through the trouble of making three unique chest pieces initially, and later on release dumbed down version of the guys.

It looks like the Spectral Busters got packless tampos as well.

Did I read somewhere that there was also going to be an oversized Saty-Puft?
I want a MM Ecto!!! There are already a lot of MM vehicles out there, the biggest one being the Munsters Koach I think, an Ecto is definitely doable!

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