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By AJ Quick

The above photo was posted to Instagram just a few days ago. It has been long on our minds to acquire the Ecto-1A from Sony and handle a community driven and community funded restoration (in the same way fans recently restored the "A" DeLorean from Back to the Future). We believe the only way we can get something like this to happen is by having the entire community behind the effort in support.

Our first step was to create this special petition site.

We ask that you sign your name to it in support, and share it with your friends. We know petitions are often felled on by deaf ears, but with a large enough number of support, we believe this can get off the ground. The end goal will be performing a complete restoration back to as seen on screen condition (though overall in better shape), and then having the car on display at large comic cons, and car shows across the country.

As a community, we need to get this done, we cannot let the original Ecto-1a rot away like this any longer. It will be up to us to band together and support this restoration as a community.
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I was really disappointed Somy didn't finish 1A. If this restoration happens it would work well for the GB II Blu-ray!

With the 30th/25th anniversary next year this would be perfect to celebrate. Both restored Ectos for promo events!
Even cooler would be to have all the Ectos at the premiere for Ghostbusters III (I assume there would be a new vehicle for III.) The cast/crew could ride in them to the red carpet!
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bnkpro wrote:So what got restored when the Blu ray and game came out?
You mean the Ecto-1?


It does not surprise me in the slightest the number of people that posted on Facebook that this was a scam, and that Dan Aykroyd personally restored this car himself.
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That's absolutely depressing to see what condition Sony has left it in.
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Ecto-1 fan wrote:I signed, and offered $$, but 107 names have shown up since I put my name in? :(
The more the merrier!

If you signed early on and your name did not show up, please try again.

They are showing up in real time.
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By AJ Quick
slaysghosts wrote:well, i tried 3 times w/ my name- and it wouldn't work. put my wife's maiden name in and it worked....whatever, i'm in! lets do this! when i get on a different ip address i'll try my name again.
Did you receive any errors?
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By AJ Quick
slaysghosts wrote:no, when i clicked 'sign the petition' it INSTANTLY sent me back to home page....weird
There could be some strange redirect issues going on due to the sub domain.

Can you tell me what browser and operating system you use?
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By Skully
It hurts my Heart to see THAT car in that condition .....By far the biggest and most respectable undertaking by this site and fans at large to date ......Dude ,AJ ....SO MUCH RESPECT .....And the simple fact that you deem it feesable gives me a reason to bust my ass at work tommarrow so I can Really add more that just my John Handcock .....Lets save the red headed step child of Sony .....Im suprised someone that just wanted a M&m combo hasnt Beat us to it?
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YES! amazing idea!

I followed the delorean A car restoration and the guys (with bob gales help) did an amazing job restoring a piece of movie history.

on a side note the story of the GB2 A car restoration documentary would be a fun extra on the GB2 blu ray.......if your listening sony.
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Signed. Hopefully she gets restored. Isn't GB2's 25-year anniversary in 2014? So hopefully Ecto-1A gets restored next year.
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We got shared on Autoblog! ... rs-ecto-1/

Make sure you are sharing the link to all your friends, and contact as many news agencies that may be interested in sharing this story!
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By Spengs
I signed it, would really like to see it restored, even if was back to its original looking hearse/ambulance self! :walterpeck: Well, it would be better then the current state its in.

Naturally, it should be restored to all its screen used glory!!! :cool:

Anyone here know if Dan Aykroyd is aware of Ecto-1A's current state? I use to hear how he wanted to buy the original Ecto-1, that was before Sony paid for the restoration. That just could have been one of those things I read on-line that became "true."

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