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By LandoSystem
Great job! Looks very good... I was afraid the foam would tear if I tried to put lights.
I covered the back with duct tape and coated that with plasti dip to strengthen it up there. The latex seems like it might be strong enough on the front to keep it from splitting. We will have to see how it holds up after repeated use.
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By J-place
I used the Rubies pack as a base for my son's pack. I previously built the wand and used a Jupiter light kit. The pack has a GB light and soundboard.



After going to this site for a couple of years this is one of my first post and I'm not sure if the images posted correctly. Thanks, I think I got it now.

For those wanting a slightly different light effect on the cyclotron, I found this dollar store light with a focusing lens. The lens head assembly snaps off and is placed behind the red cyclotron lens. The LEDs are centered behind the lens at it's base but angled about 45 degrees. When it lights up, the focusing lens plus offset in depth make it very difficult to see the LED and create a bright red glow.


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By CaptCyan
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Your pictures have shown up, so, you're you have a bit more code showing than you need. I sliced away the excess for your first pic. Take a look to see what isn't necessary.

Nice Pack, btw.

I used the Rubies pack as a base for my son's pack. I previously built the wand and used a Jupiter light kit. The pack has a GB light and soundboard.


[url=][img]http ... .jpg[/img]IMAG2043 by bigbadtrooper Roberts, on Flickr[/url]

FYI: After going to this site for a couple of years this is one of my first post and I'm not sure if the images posted correctly.
By themikereda
Anyone else purchase this and mod it out at all? I just ordered one from Amazon and I plan on doing a little bit of modifications. Also ordered new straps, but not the Alice Pack frame since it's so small. So I'll be replacing the straps and adding all the stickers (or as many as I can fit). I probably won't add lights/sounds because I have NO clue how to do that, and I don't want to ruin the foam.

Question for anyone who has already started a mod on this project, did you use any kind of sealants after dry-brushing and adding stickers? I don't really know how well normal acrylic paint adheres to foam, and I just want to make sure I don't screw anything up. Thanks!
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By ccv66
I glued my stickers on and theyre holding great. I used 3m trim adhesive because that's what i had laying around.. Its kinda of like a rubber cement. But i would imagine any glue would work. Obviously you will need to scale down all the stickers. All paints should work just fine, i thought gold and silver sharpies were a better choice for foam. I would probably go with reflective tape over painting in the red and blue pack lights. Might want to get tubing for the boosters and ion arm. Alice straps are a good purchase. The wand is a hard hollow plastic. Shouldnt be too hard to drill out the bar graph vent and barrel and add some leds. Not alot of work or money makes a huge difference. I would have loved this as a kid
By themikereda
Awesome thanks so much for your help. This is my first "mod" project so I'm looking for any advice. I think within the next 5 years I'll probably build a full 1:1 scale pack, but this is a good start to dip my toes into the waters haha.

I would have killed for this as a kid. I had the standard blue pack from the Real GB cartoon, and I had a cardboard box I painted black, but this is a whole new level. Shoot, as a kid in the 80s, I probably would have been happy with the inflatable pack!

One more question, where would one find a more accurate rainbow ribbon? The one on the Rubie's pack is probably the cheapest looking part of the pack. Thanks again!
By J-place
The ribbon cable I used was from ebay and is narrower than the GBfans cable. The latex layer on the pack takes paint very well. I cut mine up to align the cyclotron lights and ended up replacing the molded rings with nylon washers. The pack was sprayed with black krylon primer and a heavy coat of plastidip. I added another layer of the primer to the plastidip making it ready for paint. Acrylics were used to detail the weathering and a light mate clear added once the pack was finished. My son bumped the pack into more things than I can remember and the paint hasn't shown any wear.
I'd like to have these for display.
I just started a new topic about how i'm looking for a way to get my hands on not to expensive proton packs for display purposes only.

I got exited when i read about these things. But unfortunately they are allready hard to get and cost around $400 to buy and ship to the Netherlands now days.

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By robandliv
The 1984 Rubies pack sold on Amazon for $60 or $80, i do not remember. The new version i never saw it without being in the set. Here in Texas we do not have any Rubies stores and I was not able to get one online before Amazon sold out. I have 3 boys and 2 of them have out grown their Kenner packs. I have a 75% sized pack for them, but the few time I let my oldest use it he dropped the wand breaking the clear tub & once he walked in to a door jam when turning and we lost a part off it. I would love to pick up one of these for them to use since it is made out of foam. I am hoping Rubies brings them back for Halloween again this year. I even tried to email Rubies last year and they never replied. If anyone has one for sale at a good price or knows were online I can get one. Please let me know.

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