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Like other merchandise companies, especially in the run up to the 35th Anniversary this year, Funko will be releasing even more Ghostbusters merchanise for casual fans and avid collectors to buy.

Boosting the classic Pop! Vinyl range will be figures based on the 1984 movie. Although Funko has previously produced figures based on the Ghostbusters (circa 2016), these new figures feature more detailed sculpts:
•Slimer with Hot Dogs
•Dr. Peter Venkman
•Winston Zeddemore
•Dr. Egon Spengler
•Dr. Ray Stantz
•Ghost of the Library

Expanding the range further will be two Pop! Moments:
•Banquet Room (with Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Slimer)
•The Firehouse (with Peter Venkman)

Concluding the classically-styled Pop! figures will be a pair of retailer exclusive figures:
•Transparent Slimer with Hot Dogs - Exclusive to Walmart
•10inch Super Size Stay Puft - Exlusive to GameStop.

Beyond the classic Pop! vinyls, Funko will be introducing the Ghostbusters to their 5 Star Collectors range:
•Dr. Peter Venkman (with radio)
•Dr. Egon Spengler (with Ghost Trap)
•Winston Zeddemore
•Dr. Ray Stantz (with Ecto Goggles)

There will also be a range of Ghostbusters Mystery Minis, pens, keyrings, plush toys and Pez dispensers.

All products excluding the plush toys are expected to hit shelves around May this year. The plush toys are expected to hit shelves in June. Visit the topic for more images of the new Funko products.
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