Is it me, or does the “commentary” track for GB2 make it sound like they don’t want to be in the room watching it?
They didn’t say anything for minutes to the point I thought I accidentally changed audio channel.
To quote Paul Rudoff - "The only bonus feature on the disc is a new audio commentary with Forgetful Ivan Reitman, Captain Obvious Joe Medjuck, and Laughing Dan Aykroyd. This track was a chore to sit through. I hope you like the sound of Dan (and Joe?) laughing because that's the majority of what you'll hear him say. It's 50% movie audio, 30% laugh track, and 20% talking. We should have gotten this commentary track 20 years ago when Ivan, Joe, and Harold did one for the first film. I'm positive that it would have been a much better track as the participants would have only been 10 years removed from making the film. Ivan would have remembered that Ghostbusters II came out four years BEFORE Dave, and that Bobby Brown is not M.C. Hammer."

- Paul Rudoff over at Spook Central
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I really enjoyed seeing all of the deleted scenes from Ghostbusters on this new release, especially the Ecto 1 parking ticket scene and Fort Detmerring( even if it was missing a few bits). It is also nice to have both the Ghostbusters II press kit and the cast interview on Oprah as well. I do wish that Sony had included the music videos for The Bus Boys Cleaning Up The Town, Run DMC's Ghostbusters Rap, and more deleted scenes from Ghostbusters II.
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