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By Kingpin

Hasbro's Ectotron figure is still a little over two months away from general release, yet it looks like he'll have company in slugging those pesky poltergeists with the upcoming specially-decorated release of Optimus Prime.

Ecto-35 Edition Masterpiece Optimus Prime is packaged in a wearable, Proton Pack-themed box, and includes the following accessories:
•Ghostbusters-themed trailer (large enough for Ectotron to park inside)
•Roller (with combinable Ghost Trap section)
•Slimer (A more detailed version of the one included with Ectotron, which will fit atop Roller's Ghost Trap assembly)

Ecto-35 Edition Masterpiece Optimus prime is currently priced at $149.99, and is scheduled for release on July 18th
Ectotron is presently scheduled for release on July 8th
Ghosts of Cybertron#1 is scheduled for release on June 19th
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By timeware
My thought's exactly but that's a beautiful figure. If San Diego plans on releasing the Master Morpher from Ninja Steel i'm sure that's going to be pricy as well. If you want to beat those con lines to Optimus you can always head over to thingiverse and make one yourself. Just copy their exclusive paint job!

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