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By Kingpin

Two years since debuting its Proton Pack replica, Spirit Halloween has shown little sign of slowing down in the expansion of it's Ghostbusters product range.

For the 2019 Halloween season, the company has started preorders on a selection of products based on The Real Ghostbusters, as well as new additions to the collection based on the original movie:

•Real Ghostbusters Egon Spengler $59.99
•Real Ghostbusters Peter Venkman $59.99
•Real Ghostbusters Janine Melnitz $59.99
•Zuul $69.99
•Walkie Talkie (with holster) $24.99
•Light-up Inflatable Ecto-1 $249.99
•Ghostbusters Work Shirt $29.99
•"Rookie" baby one-piece costume $24.99
•Slimer loot scoop $9.99
•Stay Puft plush $12.99
•Ghostbusters gel clings $5.99
•Ghostbusters party pack $19.99

Details on a release date are currently unavailable, but it's a strong liklihood they'll be in stock by the end of October. Special Thanks to Matthew Whisante for additional information.
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By 2GunsRacing
The Walkie Talkie has me very curios as to what it does.
The device itself takes batteries so I wonder if it will just play audio from the movie as If Peter is calling Ray from the hotel scene or if it actually is a full functioning walkie talkie.. but that doesn't seem logical at the moment.

So happy Spirit Halloween is putting these all out.

I hope they make the Gigameter or the K.U.D lol
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By deadderek
Where the hell where these outfits back in the late 80s & early 90s? :P

I'm so damn stoked we're getting these costumes and accessories.
By MrVigilante
Where the hell where these outfits back in the late 80s & early 90s? :P
We Millennials have only one Saving Grace...we're very nostalgic.
That's why there's a ton of Back to the Future memorabilia that I would have killed to have when I was 5.

I still wait patiently for Spirit Halloween to release the Slime Blower.
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By deadderek
I just wonder why no RGB pack? Seems kinda odd...
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By RedSpecial
$13 for 'fake' rubber gloves!? Insanity.
Thats daft.
I got a pair US military nbc gloves with liners, manufactured in 1983 on ebay just a few weeks ago for £5

The listed prices for this stuff is a bit much, considering the quality of it when you can get genuine gear for less in most cases.
Especially with the movie style uniform pieces.
I get that they're primarily going after the Halloween market but it doesn't sit right that this seems to be the new go to for people entering into the Ghostbusters costuming scene these days when you can get the real deal for the same amount, or cheaper in some cases.
By modern homie
They finally put up a sizing guide but to be safe I just ordered a medium and a large and will return whichever one doesn’t fit the best. Considering having my wife go as Egon and buying that instead of Janine. We’re gonna use vintage Kenner proton packs instead of a movie themed one to keep it “Real.”
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By RealGhostbusterJay
I grabbed the gloves and radio, I had an MT 500 but when wearing the pack this provides a little less weight to carry. The gloves I got as well, I wear them with a glove liners from the GB Fans ones. I like them, they fit tighter , not as long.
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By ghoulishfright
Anybody else having trouble finding the new products in stores? My local Spirit Halloween still doesn't have the new walkie or those new mugs, but they have packs and traps and ecto-goggles galore...
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By deadderek
My understanding is none of the stores have any of The Real Ghostbusters stuff available yet.
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By Macktacular
I will say that if you get the radio, swap out the batteries. I know it says right on the package that the batteries are just for "try me" purposes, but I legit thought that mine was broken at first.
By hutto
Spirit isn't doing 50% off on Nov 1st, anymore. Its 20% and, the discount goes up, everyday. Sunday will be 50%.

I looked like a jackass hauling $200 worth of stuff to the counter, only to want another walkie.
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Got a walkie talkie for my Ghostbusters costume this year, it really complemented my Spirit Proton Pack nicely. Looking forward to using the discount to pick up some more of the keychains they offered this year. I managed to get the Ecto 1 when I shopped at Spirit Halloween for my Walkie Talkie.

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