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By Harry Bardwell
I talked with Peter Mosen a few years ago about some of these items, and from what he told me the piece of aluminum on the back of the daughter board, to hold it on the belt, was one he riveted on back in the day, and if he recalled correctly original it was just a loop of leather on the back, so i guess it was like a key fob type thing,. don't know if that is info anyone cares about, but I thought I'd throw it out there
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By back
I shouldnt Assume this (but I will anyway), but I dont think certain people can fully Appreciate certain things.
One bidder, from what I can tell *Cough ZAK Cough*, is incapable of appreciating the objects hes bought there. I was hoping for one of Us to have them (I dont care who) so it could be properly appreciated as it Should be.
Ah, Such is life - Cash is always king. :sigh:

*But if Im completely wrong, I'll own it.
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By RedSpecial
I cant say I don't agree.

It's nice that they're going to be on display to be enjoyed by the public but I was hoping they'd at least have made it to one of the larger museums where they could be properly preserved or into the hands of one of us whose obsession would give the items the care and reverence they deserve.

Not that I think they won't be cared for, it's just not what I expected to become of such iconic peices of Ghostbusters history.
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By back
I know the guy isn't hugely popular, but maybe, just maybe, he might actually look after the gear he bought?
Might? I can dig that... But like I said Ben:
if Im completely wrong, I'll own it.

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